Why is PERL, Ruby on Rails, and SSI Included with Hosting Packages?

perls ruby on rail

Most hosting packages offer support for a couple of options called PERL, Ruby on Rails, and SSI. Your website may not require the usage of these foreign entities; however they are great tools for more advanced computer experts. Still curious? Let’s find out what these things are and why they are included with hosting packages.

What is PERL and Why is it Important?

PERL, short for Practical Extraction and Reporting Language, is a programming language developed by Larry Wall in 1987. It was originally created to process mail on Unix-based systems. Its main use was to manipulate text to perform certain tasks — now PERL performs many tasks, including system administration, website development, and network development. Some sites that use PERL are Amazon.com and Livejournal.com. Both sites use highly complex systems to run efficiently.

If you want to run a highly complex e-commerce site, like Amazon.com, you should utilize PERL. PERL is a very functional, straight-forward language, with many expert PERL users that can help program what you want for you. PERL is typically an “old-school” programming language, so experts are not hard to find.

Let’s move on to Ruby on Rails.

What is Ruby on Rails and Why is it Important?

Ruby on Rails, usually abbreviated as Rails, is a type of web framework written in the computer code Ruby. Web framework basically simplifies what a programmer must create with code. Ruby on Rails helps programmers specifically by helping in the development Internet applications. Some examples of Rails-created Internet applications are Twitter and Penny Arcade.

Ruby on Rails is very innovative, and is involved in creating Web 2.0 applications. This program is fairly new (roughly 3 years old), but very useful. Many programmers use it to make their websites more interactive and user friendly. Rails is a great tool for making your site application-accessible.

Let’s move on to SSI, otherwise known as Server Side Includes.

SSI: What it is and Why it is Important

SSI, short for Server Side Includes, is a simple script language used to simultaneously update many pages with a simple change in code. The scripting language is used to easily maintain and update a multitude of pages, eliminating time and hassle. The code includes a file (usually html or text) containing information, which is pasted to many pages. By changing the file and saving it, all pages with this code are automatically updated.

Any complex web site should use SSI. Updating pages is very simple — simply update the file, save, and have all pages updated. SSI is also easier than PERL or Ruby on Rails, so even you can learn it.

Use These Scripts to Enhance Your Site

Want to put your site on top? Popular sites such as Amazon.com and Livejournal.com utilize all of these languages already to put their sites on top. Start putting your site on top by utilizing these scripts. Two of our favorite web hosts,