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Which Type of Web Hosting is best for Small Businesses?

small business web hosting

The internet offers the perfect platform for small businesses owners, giving them the power to go from a startup company to a powerful corporation. Before signing up with a provider, there are several things that need to be considered in order to get a level of service that will enable your business to reach these new heights.

Essentials You Should not Overlook

Hosting your website on the internet can be compared to having your own business premises or corporate office. Just as when moving into that new office, emerging on the web could either be a smooth transition or a real hassle. While you don’t have to worry about the physical aspect of relocating furniture or making sure contacts have your new business cards and phone numbers, choosing a web host still calls for a lot of work.

You need to make sure there is adequate space for your files, databases to maintain client data and email accounts to support the fierce marketing scheme you plan to set into effect. Performance and stability will also be an issue as you want visitors to come through and access your content with ease. Uptime is crucial as well. A server that experiences frequent technical problems will result in your site being inaccessible. By making a rash decision and signing up with the first web host that seems appealing, you just might be setting yourself up for a detrimental situation.

The best type of web hosting for your small business is one that has been researched thoroughly, not necessarily the plan that jumps out at you with all the attractive features. Even a small company needs room to grow. Things often start off slow but overtime you may find that your site requires more disk space, bandwidth, databases and software, a factor that can put you in a serious jam when these resources begin to exceed their limits. More than likely, the service you need is available through the current web host. However, upgrades typically come with substantial fees. Now your small business venture has quickly turned into an expensive debacle, one you might not have the resources to support.

Eluding the Nightmare

Although there are many hosts on the market supplying a less than stellar service, there are more than enough providing reliable solutions for a range of hosting needs. The key to success is finding one that meets the individual needs of your business. By getting this out of the way now, you are less likely to run into frustration down the road. Any webmaster can tell you that nothing is worse than having your site go down for hours, especially if it is your major source of revenue.


To help determine which hosting solution is right for your small business, we have provided a few essentials you may want to look out for:

– The number of domains you are allowed to host on a single account
– Included features – e-commerce tools, Frontpage extensions, FTP clients, PHP scripts
– The number of databases – MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL
– The amount of bandwidth and storage
– Control panel software – cPanel, H-Sphere, vDeck
– Customer support – 24-hour toll free phone service, email, live chat

The vast amount of providers on the market can make choosing a service quite frustrating. Fortunately, finding a good hosting solution is as easy as inquiring within PowWeb and WebHostingPad. These companies offer enough to support your small business and leave plenty of room for expansion.

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29th September 2008
Posted by Web Hosting Consultant in Best Web Hosting Tips

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