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What Should You Look For When Starting a Personal Site?

Personal site

Unlike business websites, personal websites have different demands (and sometimes dilemmas). Web hosts, such as BlueHost and StartLogic, are keeping you in mind also. Look for these features with your web host to get the most out of your next personal website.

Blogs. Blogs are a type of online journal, used to write personal information about your life. You also connect with other blog users and develop web rings according to your interests. Blogger and Xanga are two popular blogging platforms. Most web hosting packages offer blogging tools as part of their plan, usually as part of a SMM package (that’s Social Media Marketing) or by itself. Make sure they have either WordPress or B2Evolution blog extensions — these blog formats are the best. WordPress is used by professionals and celebrities, whereas B2BEvolution is a more functional blog format.

Message boards. Connect with other people with your same interests through a message board. A message board is a type of organized web group organized into sections, decided by you. You set up the message board according to your preferences, complete with personalized sections, People register with the message board site to make posts. Create a web presence with an interactive message board, usually available with any web hosting package (IX Web Hosting, for example, offers forums as part of their standard package).

Multimedia support. Do you want to use Macromedia Flash, midis, streaming video, and streaming audio on your site? Then you want multimedia support. With this, you can safely and easily set up multimedia on your website to distribute music (legally, of course), play streaming video (like YouTube) and host interactive games. Most up-to-date hosts, such as BlueHost, have multimedia support with their hosting packages.

Free online site builder. Online site builders are very convenient for quick website building. No need to know any fancy HTML or CSS! Simply point, drag, type, and publish. Each website has their own site builder, convenient to access and use from anywhere around the world. You can easily build your own website, without any hassle of hiring a web designer to make your website perfect.

Great customer service. Customer service is key to running (and maintaining) a successful website. Any good web host will have multiple ways of offering this quality customer service to you. BlueHost offers email support, live chat support, phone support, and ticket support. A good web host should also have a FAQ for easy reference.

Other useful, functional features. Any good web host should come with additional features to help boost your web site, including photo galleries, advanced script support (such as PERL, Ruby on Rails, and SSI), and access to website statistics.

All of these features should be included in any good web hosting package. If not, look elsewhere. Great web hosts such as BlueHost or StartLogic already offer these innovative features to you, which is why there are in our current top 10 list. Keep these guidelines in mind when shopping for your next host for great, effective personal web hosting.

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One Response to “What Should You Look For When Starting a Personal Site?”

  1. bluet says:

    Yes, its fun if they have a website bulder so we can create the website instantly. However, I do recommend to come back in a few days and customize the site in our own site. Especially if its an office or personal site. You dont want your site to look the same as the other, dont you?
    I found it very helpful if we can create blog or message board with their free service, because I can save time. And again, a good customer service is just what you need to choose their service.

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