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What is World-Class Hosting?

Web hosting is in great demand as more people from around the world are looking to take advantage of the internet’s popularity. Not only is there a heavy demand, but also a plethora of web hosting companies offering service. Some are very affordable, some are moderately priced and others deal strictly in high-end solutions. Every company will make it their business to tell you why they are the best provider to choose. The hot term that describes many of their services today is “world-class”. It is not hard to figure out what the term means but classifying a host under this category may be. Everybody wants to make the claim but what truly qualifies as world-class hosting?

Personalized Support

A web hosting provider can make all the boisterous claims it wants but without quality support, those claims do not hold much meaning. The industry has evolved to a point where almost everything is automated. You’ve got email, support tickets, online video tutorials, live chat and more. This all comes in handy but nothing beats personalized support. When problems arise, you need the reassurance of being able to contact a real person, not a voice recording. A world-class web hosting company has this area covered by keeping its customer service staff on deck 24/7.

State of the Art Data Center

A top-notch web hosting company is anything but without a first-rate data center. This is where the magic happens, thus the facility must be equipped to keep the operation thriving and most importantly, keep you online. World-class web hosting is provided out of a facility that features redundancy at every point – data backups, backup power sources, internet connectivity, network security, physical security – they should all be covered to the point where if one isn’t able to perform, another is there to step in its place. Without a well kept data center, it is highly unlikely that a company can live up to its uptime guarantee and service level agreements.

No Hidden Fees

Defining world-class hosting may be difficult but it certainly isn’t a company that surprises you with hidden fees. It is a terrible feeling to calculate your annual hosting bill only to find out that it will cost far more than anticipated and advertised. A respectable company will keep things real with you upfront and never spring any unexplained fees into the mix.


To this day, web hosting providers come and go, so a respectable host must give you the assurance that they will be around. A reliable company has references that indicate their track record. The best references to look for are always awards and customer feedback. The testimonies posted on the website are good but do a little research to get a good mix of opinions.

The Epitome of World-Class Hosting

inMotion Hosting boasts world-class hosting and we are in agreement. This company is one of the industry’s leading providers with a solution designed for webmasters at every phase. It isn’t the technology and affordable prices we’re impressed by, but rather the highly responsive support and reliable platform that their global bases of customers depend upon.

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6th February 2009
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