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What is The Future of Google Android?

Future of Google Android

The future of cellphone technology seemed firmly planted in Apple’s hands after it released its first version of iPhone. Of course, after the iPhone became an immediate part of the American mobile culture, many suitors followed, including Google’s open-source cell phone mobile platform, Android.

Google knew back when the iPhone was released that there would be a bigger market for mobile computing, and they were right. Thanks to smartphone technology users can instantly connect to the internet via their phones from anywhere. A big part of connecting to the internet on-the-go is performing internet searches for products and services. Want to find a local Thai restaurant? Need new shoes fast? No problem. Simply do a mobile search with your phone for local businesses.

Competition Remains Fierce

With a mobile market poised for competition, Google found it was harder than expected to compete with the long list of new mobile operating systems. In addition, convincing mobile carriers involved and onboard with the Android platform was a challenge. Without the two largest cell carriers, AT&T and Verizon Wireless, the Android had a long row to hoe, indeed.

However, despite the challenges, Android has emerged as a mobile platform worthy of attention. In just a few years the number of Android phone devices has increased to 12, and Android handsets have sold more than 3 million units so far. Reports show that Android handsets are planning to ship around 75 million by 2012. If the reports are accurate, then the Android handset and mobile operating system will overtake Blackberry to become the second most popular mobile phone.

Additional Hurdles to Clear

Though the future looks bright, Google should not wear shades just yet. There have been plenty of hurdles to leap in the last few years, and there will likely be more. One hurdle is the sheer number of mobile devices. With such fragmentation Google has had challenges finding manufacturers who will install and deliver the Android version as part of its regular product offering.

With an open-source coding, however, it is easy for manufacturers to develop products around the Android platform, and it looks as if more major makers are jumping onboard. HTC, Samsung, LG, and Huwai are all planning to deliver Android devices.

Another challenge for the Android platform has been app development. The popularity of iPhone and the freedom Apple gave developers to create apps produced a boom market for happy iPhone users. Apps were being developed everywhere and iPhone users had plenty of apps to choose from to enhance their mobile phone experience. Android has started out slowly, but more apps are being developed as more and more Android devices are sold. And with the open-source coding it is also easy for software developers to create Android apps. As Android continues to gain popularity, expect the number of Android apps to compete with iPhone apps.

There is a wide open market for smartphone mobile computing. As the number of different applications dwindle and the cream rises to the top, expect Android to become a major player.

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2nd June 2010
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