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Website Security – What Protection Does Your Web Hosting Company Offer?

If you own or operate a website, you definitely have to be concerned with security. The first place to assess how secure your website is will be through your web hosting company. You may not really understand how a web host works to secure its clients’ domains, but you should know certain things to discuss when choosing a web hosting company.

First of all, the web hosting company’s servers should be dual firewall protected. What this means for your website is protection against any sort of power failure, such as those caused by natural disasters, as well as protection from internet hackers who may try to steal your information and personal files.

It is ideal for the website servers to be hosted from a remote location, with multiple locations providing multiple backups. If you want to conduct verification on your own, you can go to a domain called ‘Whois,’ which is a website that will tell you exactly how many sites your web hosting company is hosting. In this case, the bigger, the better, so choose a company that hosts several thousand websites, such as BlueHost, a web hosting company that currently hosts over 570,000 websites.

Getting Answers About The Security Of Your Website

You can really never ask too many questions, especially when it comes to your website’s security. This is especially the case if you will be storing customer information. You do not want a hacker to be able to access any information, especially information that is deemed as confidential.

Some questions you can ask your web hosting company are:

• How secure is the site overall?
• As a web hosting company, what type of protection do you offer to your clients?
• How can your web hosting company ensure that all unauthorized users will not be able to compromise the integrity and reliability of your website?

Don’t Assume Anything

Try not to make the mistake of assuming your website is secure just because you think you have picked a good web hosting company. Do your research and make sure you ask the questions to need to ask, ensuring your website and data are kept safe and secure.

By checking around and reading web hosting reviews, you will find important facts pertaining to the security measures enacted by different web hosting companies. For example, a web hosting company called HostMonster has password protected directories on their clients’ e-commerce and shopping cart pages. This is important to any web business offering products for sale online.

Just like you want to feel secure in real life in your home or place of business, you will need to have those same considerations for your online space. Internet hackers are real and pose a real threat to online data – so do not let yourself fall prey to a web hosting company with servers that are not securing your data.

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9th June 2008
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