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Web Hosting Rating System

Web Hosting Rating System

There are literally thousands of web hosting companies competing for your services. Unfortunately, finding one able to meet all of your personal requirements can be a daunting task. One of the best ways to learn about a certain provider is to read a reliable web hosting review. Here at, we provide you with unbiased reviews on today’s top web hosting companies. We only review established, trusted hosts, allowing you to compare and learn more about these providers before making your final decision. Although our rating system is based on various elements, these determinations are primarily made on two variables: extensive research and customer reviews.


When dissecting a web hosting provider, we start by looking for signs of reliability. Even though most companies will post an uptime guarantee on their homepage, we dig deeper to find out how they are backing up these claims. This involves checking for server stats and most importantly, thoroughly researching their infrastructure. By doing so we are able to learn more about their data centers, what kind of servers and systems are in place and what the provider is doing to make sure your data is secure and that your site will be accessible on the web. Customer reviews play a large role in determining reliability as they provide insight on areas that may have been overlooked. For example, if we find that a few customers experienced a considerable amount of downtime, we take that into consideration and rate the host accordingly despite what it is posted on their website.

Price Value

Another area we analyze is the price of a particular web hosting plan and what value it offers to you. This is determined by taking the actual cost of service and weighing it against features and other offerings. We look at bandwidth and storage, the level of database access, security features, e-commerce tools, special bonuses and more. Additionally, we provide information on the control panel software being used as this entails how easy it will be to administer your web hosting account. Although there is more to a good provider than low cost, this is still a vital aspect and one that can tell you right away if a particular host fits into your budget.


Last but not least, we keep a close eye on customer support as it is one of the most important aspects of web hosting. We let you know how to go about contacting a web host such as whether they have a toll free phone number, email address or live chat system that can be accessed from the website. We also look for other helpful resources like a ticket system, knowledge base, FAQ section, articles and tutorials. Support is another area where customer feedback helps with our determination as people share their experiences about response times and how a particular company handled certain issues. This gives you an idea of what to expect and makes it easier to find out who is worthy of your business.

If you are familiar with any of the web hosting providers reviewed on, feel free to leave us some feedback and share your experience with other people. We value your opinion as it allows us to produce more accurate ratings and continue to help prospective customers find providers suited for their needs.

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