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Web Hosting: Importance of the Database

mysql database

There are literally millions of sites operating on the internet as we speak, both for personal and business use. After purchasing service from a web host, many of us begin to build the site without any thought of how commands are executed, and how content is updated. The performance of your website yields when data is accessed determines how many, and just what database, your web hosting server is working with.

Web hosts offer a variety of databases with MySQL, MsSQL and PostgreSQL being three of the most popular. This article will give you an overview of each database management system and detail the benefits they bring to web hosting.


MySQL is the most widely used database management system on a global scale. Its performance is known to be stable and efficient, powering notable sites such as Google, Wikipedia, Yahoo, YouTube and many more.

The Benefits of MySQL

Flexibility: MySQL has many great features such as detachable storage engines that make way for easy and unique customization. It can be configured to run embedded applications and handle many types of data when called upon.

Open-Source System: One reason MySQL is so popular is because of its open-source nature. The source code of this database management system is available free of charge to numerous programmers. This allows MySQL hosting to be very affordable when compared to other services that require licensing fees for their databases.

Compatibility: It has been reported that MySQL currently has well over 10 million installations spanning the globe. This is made possible by the system’s compatibility, able to integrate with a variety of servers, scripts and add-on applications.

Independent Platforms: The compatibility of MySQL extends from scripts and applications to the very platform a site is being hosted on. This system is capable of operating on more than 20 platforms including Windows, Linux and MacOSX.


MsSQL is a database management system introduced by Microsoft. Selecting a host using this system can be expensive. On the other hand, MsSQL consists of invaluable features that make it a very reasonable choice for web hosting.

Stability: The Data Manager for MsSQL makes hosting on this system very reliable. Even if a machine happens to suffer a crash, the reading and writing commands remain stable by way of the Data Manager.

Solid Performance: MsSQL is known for giving prime performance to a user. The amount of data it transmits over a network is significantly reduced, allowing a website to move with quickness.

Easy Installation: Integrating MsSQL into a web server is a painless process. Installing the system can usually be done in a single click, making it a rather viable choice for web hosting.


PostgreSQL is an upgraded version off the Postgre database management system. While is uses the data model and types of the previous system, it has updated the query language to mimic that of SQL.

Open-Source System: The source code of this system is available for free to web developers. This allows PostSQL to be highly customizable and a very viable feature in web hosting.

Independent Platforms: PostgreSQL can operate on Windows, Linux or MacOSX servers. When hosting on this type of database, updated connections are initiated for every new process of the system.

Add-On Features: Aside from the usual database features, PostgreSQL supports user defined forms of data and several forms of replication methods. This allows a user to create, drop and modify tables with simplicity.

Compatibility: PostgreSQL makes easy use of popular web language such as PHP and Perl. It also allows users access to cgi-bin directories.

The presence of a database is essential to the performance of any website. These web hosting services will give you the benefits of the best systems available, featuring multiple to unlimited MySQL databases: and

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21st February 2008
Posted by Web Hosting Consultant in Best Web Hosting Tips

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  1. Vicarry says:

    Thanks, that saved me a fair bit of time. How many years have you spent ninja-ing Microsoft SQL? You so are an online specialist at it!

    Thanks again, Vicarry.

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