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Web Hosting Horoscope

Web Hosting Horoscope

Having a tough time deciding on a web host? Not a problem. Check out our Web Hosting Horoscope to find out what company is recommended for you on what day of the week. How do we know all this? It’s simple – the stars are never wrong.


The week is just getting started and to no surprise, you’re not quite ready to get back to work. At the office desk you sit on edge, waiting, worrying, wondering if the business deal of a lifetime will through. You would call your business partner to check in on the meeting but unfortunately, he has no way to be reached. You continue to sit, the anticipation driving you mad – somebody help me! LunarPages‘ award-winning customer support is the calming aid.


You have a knack for selling goods and charm that appeal to the masses. Some say you can sell a salesman the shirt off his back. A successful marketer in the real world, it’s time to utilize those skills out in cyberspace. The industry is thick with competition but with charisma oozing through the monitor, customers would much rather do business with you. E-commerce is your calling and IX Web Hosting is the answer.


You cringe every time the commercial airs – the PC ridiculed once again on a mainstream scale. You were a pro in the XP environment and Vista is the greatest invention of this generation. What’s so special about a Mac anyway? And what the heck is a UNIX? You prefer power, ease of use and familiarity – you need Windows hosting with Easy-CGI.


In it for a minute but everything grows old. You’ve spent so much time on MySpace and FaceBook that you’ve grown equally sick of both. You’re getting friend requests from 12-year old kids, your inbox is flooded with spam from sexy robots and who cares if Amy’s out walking her dog at 6:45 pm. Fond of the concept but you need your own social network where you make the rules. You need support for the Pligg CMS with HostMonster.


End of the week and you can’t wait until the work day comes to a close. The weekend is filled with thrills but you can’t see past the clutter on your desk and computer screen. Back and forth you go between the clustered desk drawer and file cabinet. Organization and streamlined management is warranted – cPanel hosting with BlueHost is the remedy.


The weekend is finally here and the day of your big party has arrived. Almost everyone responded to the invitation and in a few hours, you will have more guests on your hands than you know what do with. How do you play the perfect host? How do you entertain them? Get Joomla hosting with WebHostingPad and create a dynamic community that runs itself.


Your weekend was eventful but something’s missing. Just one more day until another grueling work week and you’re left feeling empty, incomplete. Why can’t you enjoy fulfillment like everyone else on the weekend? You need reliable hosting with FatCow for the ultimate in customer satisfaction.

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5th June 2009
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