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Web Hosting Fraud Fighting Cheat Sheet

Web Hosting Fraud Fighting Cheat Sheet

Web hosting fraud is increasing at an alarming number. Scam artists are employing all types of tricks with hopes of stealing sensitive information from unsuspecting customers, laundering money and worse, committing identity theft. What makes these crimes so damaging is that they can be terribly difficult to detect. By the time you catch on, it usually too late.

If you feel like a web host is trying to lure you into a scam, it is critical that you act right away to protect your assets and identity. The faster you act the better chance you have of minimizing or completely stopping the damage. Feel free to use the following cheat sheet as your guide to filing complaints and reporting web hosting fraud.

Better Business Bureau (BBB)

If you have run across a web hosting provider employing shade practices, one of the first places you should head to file a complaint is the Better Business Bureau. The BBB has a great reputation for getting problems resolved and may be able to help out in your situation. Keep in mind that they can only encourage the hosting company to take the appropriate actions to resolve the matter. Because they are not law enforcers, the BBB can’t provide you with any guarantees. The good thing is that when even in the wrong, most companies don’t want to suffer a hit to their credibility and will usually work with you after being contacted by the Bureau.

Rip Off Report

The Rip Off Report is a web community dedicated to helping the consumer fight fraud and the numerous scams circulating online. The site is not only good for making complaints, but also checking up on a company before you decide to business with them. In fact, law enforcement agencies such as the FBI, FTC and Homeland Security rely on this site to help them investigate questionable business practices. Filing a Rip Off Report is fast and easy with more than 400,000 complaints submitted and counting. is great place to go with complaints about web hosting providers and many other companies as well. The community here is very active and because of this, you may be able to find essential tips that help you figure out what to do next. has a built-in search engine and user-friendly navigation theme that makes it easy to find the information you need.

BustaThief makes a valuable tool in the fight against web hosting fraud and internet scams. This community-friendly site provides tips on to avoid the prevalent scams as well as resources that can be used to file complaints and reports. In addition, you can file complaints directly on the site to help the consumer community stay aware of the growing scams.

Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

The FTC is where you want to go to get results. An official agency of the United States government, the FTC takes fraud, phishing, identity theft and other crimes very seriously. Unlike the entities listed above, this one has the resources and ability to pursue law enforcement and take the necessary actions to ensure that a fraudulent web hosting company gets what’s coming to them.

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