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Web Hosting For Linux

web hosting for Linux

Web hosting is one of the most in-demand services on the internet today. Years ago, website owners needed only very simple HTML pages to be hosted, but today, there is a wide array of web-based hosted applications to choose from.
The internet continues to be a way for website and business owners to link to others on a global scale with the assistance of web-based technology such as JSP, PHP, ASP, and more. The choices in available technology have created opportunities for more options in web hosting companies because these HTML websites can function easily on both Windows and Linux platforms.

More About The Linux Platform

Of course, web hosting platforms are different based on its operating system. The two most popular, Microsoft Windows Server and Red Hat Linux.

Most computer and internet users know more about Microsoft Windows than Linux. However, Linux is a great option because it was created and built by community efforts and by several IT companies, such as Red Hat, Mandrake, and Suse. It was designed for professional use and is a strong competitor for Microsoft Windows Server because it is quite robust in features and protection, yet very inexpensive in comparison. Additionally, spamming, viruses, and hacking rarely occur.

Which Web Hosting Companies Offer Hosting For Linux?

There are several web hosting companies to choose from that offer Linux hosting packages. A few to consider are and Both web hosting companies have packages for Linux users for both business and personal websites. With web hosting for Linux, just as with web hosting for Windows, there are a variety of features and packages to choose from, depending on your website’s specific needs and requirements.

Linux Hosting Elements to Keep In Mind

Because the two platforms do have differences, there are a few things to remember. As far as accessibility, a website that is recommended for a Linux based server can certainly be hosted on a Windows web server; however, the opposite may not be achievable. Additionally, website owners must consider future growth. Websites are dynamic in nature so be sure that your web design is well-suited to a Linux based web server.

Website Owners Using Linux

If you have used Microsoft Windows before and have switched to Linux, you are in for a treat. It is many people’s opinion that Linux will eventually dominate Windows because of a few important factors.

The system is extremely stable and offers a nearly 99.9% uptime. Linux is a full-fledged server with server applications like DNS Server, File Server, Web Server, and FTP – all free of cost. Users familiar with Linux know that its low cost and well-designed architecture are important to business and website owners, especially those who like to save money.

Web hosting companies offering Linux based hosting are definitely ahead of the game. In the web hosting industry, versatility is the key to staying on top. LunarPages and BlueHost are great because of the versatility they are offering to website owners, so choosing one of these web hosting providers will keep you ahead of the game too.

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