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Web Hosting Customer Service Is Still Important

web hosting customer service

If you have a paid web hosting account like most website owners, or you are about to decide on a web hosting plan or provider, think about the importance of good customer service before signing up. Just like at any other company you choose to do business with, you expect them to fulfill your expectations for whatever product or service you are paying for. It is no different with web hosting companies. When you have questions or when something goes wrong, a good customer service department at a web hosting company can provide you with clear answers about what the problems are, when the server will be back up and running if it has gone down, and much more.

Look Beyond the Price

Nearly every web hosting company out there has affordable web hosting plans available with different features. Since this is the case, website owners must look beyond the cost into what the web hosting provider can really offer your website in the way of benefits, features, and customer service. If you think about it, a web hosting company that provides a knowledgeable customer support staff is one that cares about its clients. All customer service departments are not created equal. You must look for a web hosting company whose customer support staff is friendly, competent, reliable and fast. If you read reviews online, you will find there are great web hosting companies out there such as BlueHost and LunarPages with very high customer service ratings.

A Deciding Factor

Customer service is an important factor that can make or break just about any company. Good customer service keeps clients coming back. Since this is the case, you can consider whether your web hosting company is a “here today, gone tomorrow” type of company by the level of customer service offered to its clients. Poor customer service leads to poor sales, bad reviews, and less business in such a competitive industry. Good customer service from your web hosting company is a reliable indicator of whether or not you are dealing with a reputable web hosting provider. Aside from key features included in your web hosting package, the level of customer service should help you decide which web hosting company to choose for your website.

The Big Picture

Just one phone call to a web hosting company’s customer support department may not give you all of the information you need to decide whether the company has good customer service or not. The representative you get on the phone could be new or could even be having a good day. Other important factors when it comes to customer service at a web hosting company include hours of availability and methods of contact. If the only way to contact the web hosting company’s customer support department is via email, sign up with a different company. You will want to have multiple methods of contact – phone, email, and even live chat. Also, be sure to choose a web hosting company whose customer support staff is available 24/7, because all website problems do not happen during normal business hours.

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19th June 2008
Posted by Web Hosting Consultant in Best Web Hosting Tips
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