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Top Three Reasons Not to Use Internet Explorer

Top Three Reasons Not to Use Internet Explorer

Microsoft Internet Explorer is the browser included by default in most versions of the popular Windows operating system. Even though the application has seen major improvements in recent times, it continues to be one of the most vulnerable web browsers in existence. Internet Explorer can be an absolute nightmare for the simple fact that it often acts as a medium for malicious software, better known as malware. Other than being a detrimental security threat, malware also has the ability to eat up critical system resources and bring your web surfing experience to an agonizing crawl. The worst part of it all as that this terribly insecure browser can install malicious items on your PC without you even knowing.

1.) Experts Don’t Recommend It

Internet Explorer as resulted in such a high number of malware infections and other security issues that internet security experts speak out strongly against utilizing it. The software contains numerous bugs and these holes allow malicious items from infected sites to infiltrate your computer with ease. In fact, experts claim that these vulnerabilities infect more than 70% of internet users worldwide, the obvious downside to choosing Internet Explorer as their browser.

While Microsoft is working tirelessly in attempt to patch these holes, it is almost guaranteed that other vulnerabilities will be discovered in the very near future.

2.) The Malicious Geeks Expect You To

One good reason not to rely on Internet Explorer as your browser of choice is simply because it is exactly what the malware writers want you to do. These gangs of malicious geeks understand that IE is the most widely used web browser and because of this, they have a large number of unsuspecting victims to go after. The truth is that the hackers and other cyber criminals who live to sabotage anything Windows related could care less about whether or not Microsoft developers wrote your browser’s code or not. If there was another browser dominating the market share, it would probably be heavily targeted and vulnerable to some degree. Be that as it may, this should not excuse Microsoft for consistently releasing a browser that puts so many users at risk.

3.) FireFox is Simply Better

There are many safer alternatives to Internet Explorer and Mozilla FireFox is perhaps the best. This browser is fast, loaded with features and most importantly, secure. With FireFox, you don’t have to worry about malicious exploits that originate from ActiveX controls or other vulnerable Microsoft components. Although you must still practice safe web surfing, this browser has been known for far less security holes than IE.

There is no denying that Microsoft Internet Explorer gets the job done as a web browser. However, all that functionality isn’t worth catching a malware infection and putting yourself at the risk of identity theft. We can all agree that Microsoft is the king of computer software but even if you feel like you’re stuck with Windows as operating system, there is no need to leave yourself vulnerable with Internet Explorer.

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