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Top 3 Dedicated Server Hosts

Top 3 Dedicated Server Hosts

When it comes to web hosting, you need to perform research in efforts of deciding on the most suitable type of web hosting for your business. A lot of people get confused regarding the difference between various types of web hosting. If you have extensive business needs and can’t manage to pay for downtime, then you should seriously consider opting for a dedicated server.

A dedicated server is completely devoted to your business, as the name implies; and hence, you can exploit the advantages, such as speed and uptime, to grow your business. You can build an assortment of websites, and possess multiple domains with dedicated hosting.
While there are a large number of hosting companies offering various types of dedicated server packages, the following are the top three dedicated servers, you can rely on.

1. Inmotion Dedicated Servers:

InMotion Web Hosting

Inmotion hosting has been around since 2001. It has been serving the needs of not just the small-sized business owners, but those of large web owners equally. Inmotion dedicated servers use Dell Power Edge servers with high-powered processors to ensure effective performance. There are three basic categories of the dedicated server plans comprising Essential plan ($199.95), advanced plan ($229.95) and the Elite plan ($299.95). All the plans give freedom to have and install Windows, Mac and Linux. However, it only holds up MySQL databases, not the Access or MS SQL. The sites that do not go beyond the 10GB limit are provided with free backup. The best part is the free setup that Inmotion puts forward to its customers.

Inmotion Dedicated Server Official Page

2. Codero Dedicated Servers:

Codero Dedicated Server Reviews

Codero might not be as old in the hosting business as you may expect, but despite that, within a short time period of its establishment, the company has earned a large clientele due to their high-quality and affordable hosting services. Codero dedicated servers deliver top-quality scalability and security, providing customized solutions as well. Their dedicated server plans meet the needs of both, the webmasters as well as professional enterprises. Some of the key features, you will get to enjoy with all of their plans, entail 99.9% uptime guarantee, 24/7 tech support, unlimited bandwidth, power backup system, rewards point program and 24 hour network monitoring. Codero also claims to be a green webhosting company.

Codero Official Page

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3. Hostgator Dedicated Servers:

Hostgator Dedicated Server

If you are looking for vigorous speed, outstanding uptime and a high-level security with your dedicated hosting plan, you should check out the Hostgator dedicated server plans. The four dedicated hosting packages namely are: Basic, Standard, Elite and Pro. All the packages are well compatible with Windows and Linux. The Basic plan starts at $174, with 2GB DDR3 RAM, 10TB Bandwidth and 2 x 250GB disk space; while the Pro (the highest level package) is on hand for $374, with 8GB of DDR3 RAM, 10TB data transfer and 1000 GB disk space (2 x 500GB). Like any top-notch hosting company, it offers 24/7 tech support. Last, but not the least, Hostgator is known for offering a variety of discount coupons as well.

Hostgator Dedicated Server Official Page

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31st October 2008
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    I have heard many good things about lunar pages all though I have never really used them personally myself. But am planning some things that I might try them with and see how they really work and all.

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    The Planet seems to be the best company for me. They offer the service I want and I can choose what I need for service. And pay only for the service I need.
    That is what I was searching for a long time and that is why I stay at the Planet since two month

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    Congratulations to the top 3, and thank you for this website for compiling all of this useful information. It’s great that there is a place for me to see all the different services available.

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