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The Key to Finding a Multiple Domain Hosting Company

multiple domain hosting

A website is your ticket into cyberspace. You can use this platform to post valuable information, images, audio and video or even sale your own products and services. The growing popularity of the internet has resulted into a large number of companies that provide services which allow you to publish a website. With so many options, these services have become affordable on nearly any budget. However, if you operate several businesses and want to host multiple web sites, each with their own domain name, purchasing individual hosting accounts could end being rather expensive. Even if a web host offers a domain add-on feature which allows you to manage multiple domains on a single account, you may be charged accordingly for each additional domain. This sometimes costs just as much as individually hosting those domains.

The key is to find a service that offers multiple or unlimited domains with no hidden fees. These types of services have become popular as some have a need to use more than one domain name for their business or a separate business altogether. These domains can be easily managed from a single control panel interface which eliminates the time and hassle involved with logging into different accounts.

When signing up for multiple domain hosting, you are essentially getting a single name for all of your domain names or web sites. All of these names function under the same server, the same control panel, and more importantly, the same payment plan. You typically receive a dedicated IP address which basically provides you with a web hosting IP address for all of your domains. This has many advantages as you are not sharing it with 30 other companies. This may result in a faster website, a better percentage of uptime and the reduced probability of being affected by the malicious activities of others sharing the IP address.

Before purchasing a service with multiple domains, it is important to find out what else is being offered in the package. Most companies will provide sufficient space for your current site but you need to think about the future as well. If your website achieves popularity, you need to make sure there is enough space for expansion. The amount of storage space will determine how many pages and images can be stored on the server while bandwidth determines how much and how often you can transfer files from your hard drive to the server. This is very critical as all of your domains need equal storage and bandwidth to function properly.

There are many benefits that come along with multiple domain hosting. For one, it will save you the time of logging in and out of different servers to manage your domains, design different web sites, or view traffic stats. In this type of package, each domain has its own area of the control panel which allows you to easily distinguish one from the other. You will also save money opposed to purchasing individual domains and accounts. This is especially the case when selecting a web host that provides unlimited domains.

Even if you only have a one business at the time, multiple domain may still be a good option. This will give you room to expand without having to make huge adjustments or pay additional fees. Be sure to research all probable hosting providers and compare all the features of their service to learn how they can benefit each of your domains.

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13th July 2008
Posted by Web Hosting Consultant in Best Web Hosting Tips

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