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The Benefits of Web Hosting Software

web hosting software

Web hosting companies offer many great features to help create your site and establish a presence on the web. These features include a robust amount of bandwidth and storage, plenty of email accounts and free site builders. Most of them also provide you with additional programming scripts and software to increase functionality with web forms, blogs and much more. According to a recent study by the Yankee Group, web hosting software that offers the most value relates to project management, marketing, merchant services, inventory management and payroll purposes.

The web hosting industry has truly embraced the concept of hosted software and small business owners are rushing to sign up for service. Software integrated by these companies are often of the highest quality and could be just what you need to make an impact on the web. Hosted software comes with many benefits as the provider is responsible for a number of services including the following:

- Management of the application’s software and hardware components

- Any networking issues such as redundancy, data backups and disaster recovery plans

- Management of the data centers that deliver the application

- Frequently updating software for increased security and functionality

To put it mildly, hosted software can save you a lot of time and money in the way of tedious maintenance, equipment fees and IT support.


With hosted software you have fixed price per month. Traditional software may cost a business thousands of dollars in regard to implementation expenses, equipment, maintenance and support. Software provided by a web host requires no maintenance and includes end-user support which is coupled with the low cost of implementation and all other hosting needs.


Hosted software offers are designed to scale seamlessly for several purposes and a large amount of simultaneous users. This gives them the ability to maintain a high-level of performance and ensure uptime as content grows and the site endures more traffic. An on-premise solution requires the constant management of site performance and uptime assurance. This often involves additional fees in trained personnel, database licensing, hardware and the overall infrastructure.


Most hosted software can be easily accessed from any web browser whether it’s Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla FireFox. Visitors in different states, countries or continents throughout the world can access these applications in real-time without delays in synchronization. The client-server model of an on-premise solution typically requires an enhanced infrastructure with a web server that must be purchased and is rather expensive to maintain.

Updates and Upgrades

All the software you receive with your hosting plan is frequently updated to ensure functionality. Since the programs are delivered over web, hosting companies have greater flexibility when it comes to making upgrades and administering them to clients. Updates with traditional software are at the mercy of administrators who may or may not take the initiative to do so. This leaves their applications at the mercy of security exploits such as hacking attempts and malware.

Software is one the biggest attractions of today’s web hosting industry. Considering all the benefits, it’s hard to image using a web host that doesn’t provide these features. LunarPages offers a feature-rich hosting package with $775 in free software. For only $6.95 per month you’ll receive plenty of software that will help to push your site to the forefront of the web.

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10th August 2008
Posted by Web Hosting Consultant in Best Web Hosting Tips

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