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The Benefits of Microsoft Exchange Hosting

The Benefits of Microsoft Exchange Hosting

Organizations throughout the world are increasingly turning to Microsoft Exchange hosting services. The benefits this solution offers are tremendous as outsourcing affords a lower upfront investment as well as reduced ongoing costs. With Exchange Hosting, you are leaving the most critical aspects of the server to the experts; a move that only makes sense for most small to medium sized businesses.

What is Microsoft Exchange Hosting?

Microsoft Exchange is the most widely used business messaging platform in the world, a powerful server solution that claims nearly 60% of the market. Exchange has the power to increase business productivity with sophisticated features such as the ability to sync files, emails, contacts and calendars to a wide range of mobile devices. The system uses the ActiveSync utility for seamless integration with a number of popular devices including the Apple iPhone and BlackBerry smartphone. With Microsoft Exchange 2007, the most recent version, employees can easily keep up with the availability of colleagues, schedule meetings, plan projects, book conference rooms and share task lists with team members, all with the added assurance that essential data will never be lost or compromised. Exchange protects organizations from a wide range of threats including network exploits, message tampering and natural disasters.

Microsoft Exchange 2007

The greatest benefits of Exchange 2007 relate to the enhanced security features as IT departments are provided with secure email access. The software offers protection against spam and viruses when delivering messages to a mobile platform, factors make that this system beneficial to any thriving organization. Intelligent Message Filtering technology filters spam at the server and eliminates unsolicited messages before they even have a chance to clutter your inbox. Additionally, every message you send through the server is encrypted to protect your communications from interception and tampering. Microsoft Exchange 2007 offers many advantages over its predecessor, including a clustering technology that ensures optimal performance. Whether it’s outsourced or managed in-house, any organization leveraging Exchange 2003 hosting should definitely consider making an upgrade.

Why Exchange Hosting?

Running a Microsoft Exchange server in-house is cost prohibitive for most small and medium sized businesses. Upfront investment can cost upwards of $10,000, not including the IT staff required to maintain the server. By outsourcing to the technical aspects to a team of professionals, your business can enjoy the same enterprise-class benefits of a Fortune 500 company without going broke in the process.

Where to Find Exchange Hosting

Outsourcing Microsoft Exchange is becoming a popular choice as more businesses come to realize the benefits of fully managed hosting services. Instead of worrying about efficient, secure messaging tasks, your IT staff can focus on the more essential aspects of the business. When leaving Exchange in the hands of the experts, you can rest assured that your communications are safe.

If you are looking for Microsoft Exchange hosting we recommend groupSPARK. As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, this company delivers world-class support out of state of the art data centers to ensure that your run messaging needs are handled effectively. groupSPARK also offers Exchange through its private label hosting program, allowing you to sell the same service under your own brand without an upfront investment.

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