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The Benefit of U.S. Based Web Hosting Support

The Benefit of U.S. Based Web Hosting Support

Consider this situation – you a e an ambitious business owner with a small to medium sized online store. By promoting your site effectively, you are now enjoying a steady rate of traffic and sales are increasing. Out of the blue, your website goes down because of some issues related to the server. In an absolute frenzy, you contact the web hosting provider for help only to learn that customer service is slow and almost non-existent. After experiencing a few more similar incidents, customers began to flock to the competition and before you know it, you are out of business.

The instance above is obviously a worst case scenario, but this sums up the importance of quality customer support. Support is the backbone for your business and should be something your web hosting provider takes very seriously. This is the pillar on which a web host places its credibility. More often than not, responsive, helpful customer support indicates the overall quality of a hosting service. If the company cannot provide this, its feature-rich, low priced solution isn’t worth the web page it’s scripted on.

The Customer Service Challenge

Despite the high level of importance, good customer support is hard to find as not every web hosting company is on the ball. And even though you as a customer should always be the number one priority, delivering responsive support is often a challenge for providers. Not only must they come up with a way to keep the operation thriving, but a way to provide customer service around the clock. This involves coming up with methods to ensure that an expert support team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to address any issues that may arise. The biggest challenge for web hosting companies is the cost of employing and maintaining reliable customer service.

When it comes to the cost of web hosting support, the provider generally has two options: employing a team of in-house technical professionals or outsourcing customer service tasks to a third-party company. By outsourcing to companies in India and other countries, web hosting providers are able to keep their profits intact and still provide customers with support. Unfortunately, one too many companies end up compromising their quality of support, leaving customers to deal with staff who are unresponsive and unable to help them resolve critical issues. When customers start to lose their businesses because of insufficient support, it results in a chain reaction that eventually sees the web hosting company losing business as well.

Anyone running an online business can’t afford to rely on outsourced support. When things go wrong with the server, you need answers and you need them fast. Reliable web hosting companies such as InMotion realize the importance of localized support and prove it by delivering it out of their U.S. based offices. This provider makes sure you can get the help you need whether it is via phone, email or live chat. A company that sacrifices quality for cost savings is one that cares more about making money than its loyal customers.

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