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The Beauty of Unlimited Domains

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As thousands of hosting companies compete to provide service, the role of webmaster has been extended with much easier and affordable ways to own and operate multiple websites. This growth has also drastically changed the way domains are purchased, stored and used on the internet.

Unlimited domains have quickly become a hot feature to look for when evaluating a web host. The concept is not difficult to grasp … operate as many sites as you would like, all under a single hosting account. Each of these sites act as their own entity with separate email accounts, web stats and FTP clients. As opposed to sub domains, they operate on full URLs, allowing them to act as independent sites.

A webmaster may have several reasons to host multiple domains – perhaps they are designers who create and manage sites for others, or perhaps they have a multitude of ideas, products, or services. Choosing a web host that offers unlimited domain hosting is a great way to consolidate resources, allowing you to save and maintain all of your sites from a single administrative area. Aside from that, this type of hosting plan permits you to fully utilize the amount of disk space and bandwidth purchased with the service, putting an end to all that wasted space most individuals have no use for.

The luxury of unlimited domains can prove very beneficial for the webmaster with multiple businesses. They allow you to approach each niche from different directions while applying innovative strategies. Perhaps the plan is merely to target other demographic audiences with different sales pitches, graphics and content. This allows you to promote the same product or service while focusing on different users and learning how they can gain value from your business. One of your sites may offer benefits for the youth and the other may be more suitable for an older audience. Unlimited domains help you to expand and reach out to as many potential clients as your marketing skills allow.

Many online business owners like to experiment and test results of what does and what does not work in their industry. This learning curve makes for continuous improvement, a very efficient way to prosper the business and strengthen your position in the market.

Domain names have become a great asset and can be used in many ways. Whether they are used and applied to all your active sites, held onto, or parked, being able to own an endless amount has unlimited value.

Cost and capacity is not the big issue it was in the past. Services offering one domain name are quickly fading away. The web host offering their clients unlimited domains has an obvious advantage, as they give them flexibility in growing an online business while slashing the price of service nearly in half.

Aspiring internet business owners have needs – several hosts are listening and have proved it by making one’s experience with a website much more fulfilling and affordable. We have listed three services that allow you to host unlimited domains and many more features that enable you to make the most of your online business:, and

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17th February 2008
Posted by Web Hosting Consultant in Best Web Hosting Tips
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  1. bluet says:

    I’m sure there’s a lot of benefit from this unlimited domain service, especially for a company that having a lot of branch, or some organization with several different company, and usually they operate in a different business field. The price in HostMonster is cheaper than Ix, but I’m still not checking the security issue. Unlimited domain with unlimited storage is often too much for a personal website, but with the price I think its OK to grab the opportunity.

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