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The Appeal of Support Outsourcing

The Appeal of Support Outsourcing

With web hosting customers being around the world in many different time zones, trying to cater to all of them with regard to support can be a very large challenge. Most web hosting providers cannot realistically keep their offices and centers open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The solution is to incorporate outsourced support solutions. Of those providers using this solution, the trend is to go with support centers that have English speaking operators and quite often are located in India.

Why mainly English speaking support centers?

While certainly not the most widely spoken language worldwide, English is spoken by over 25% of the world’s total population. When over a quarter of the entire population is able to speak one particular language, the tendency is to cater to that spoken language.

Additionally, a larger portion of web hosting providers can be found in the United States. The logical choice for an English speaking hosting company is to use an English speaking support center solution.

Why is India the most chosen location for support centers?

It all honesty, the main reason for India being the most chosen location for outsourced support solutions is because a majority of the support technicians speak English and India remains the most cost effective solution. While technical support in the US can run in the double digits per hour, their Indian counterparts can offer the same support solutions at a fraction of the cost.

Which hosting company is a good example?

InMotion web hosting is the perfect example of a hosting provider company that has outsourced its support to another location. To answer the demands of customers that technical support be available 24×7, InMotion answered and now hosting customers can call anytime during the day or night, any day of the week and receive the help and support they require.

Is this a growing trend?

With more and more businesses realizing the potential of revenue being generated from having a presence online, it can be reasonably assumed that these businesses will require customer support from time to time. An increase of hosted business web sites equates to more time and money being poured into technical and customer support.

Not all of these businesses will be located in the US. As the Internet is a world-wide creature, many of these new online companies will require support at times that do not always coincide with normal US business hours. The solution is to either set up 24×7 customer support internally or outsource it to another company.


As the Internet continues to grow at break-neck speeds and more businesses and companies are quickly realizing the potential of an online presence, it can safely be said that customer support needs will rise exponentially. Web hosting providers have an obligation to meet these demands and may not have the internal resources to do so. The result is to outsource support. In the end, the important thing is the satisfaction of the customer. It does not matter if this is created in-house or from an external source.

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17th January 2010
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