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Technique of Web Hosting

Technique of Web Hosting

The technique of web hosting is what allows anyone to have a website of their own. The process is facilitated by service providers who store content on their computers or web servers, which enables a site to be accessible to internet users in any location. Web hosting has become a huge business, an industry with millions of customers throughout the world and generates billions of dollars every year.

The Variety of Services

While they all serve the same general purpose, there are many different types of web hosting services to choose from. For instance, you have your free hosts as well as those that charge a monthly fee for service. There are also more defined variations such as shared, VPS, reseller and dedicated server hosting, each of which are geared for customers at different levels. Free hosting offers the obvious advantage of not having to pay for your website, but there are numerous limitations. Because you are not paying for service, there is usually no customer service, a lack of security and features and no uptime guarantee to ensure the availability of your site. There is also a lack of bandwidth and storage which will undoubtedly hinder the growth of your site. For this reason, paid hosting tends to be a more viable option, especially in terms of online business.

Whether it’s shared or VPS hosting, there is much that needs to be considered before purchasing a web hosting plan. One of them is cost as the price for a plan varies from host to host. A shared plan is certainly the most affordable option as you can find hosting for under $5.00 per month while something more flexible such as a dedicated server could cost you hundreds of dollars per month. Additionally, web hosting companies have different payment structures. Although the advertised fee is typically on a monthly basis, some providers require that you pay for an entire year in advance while others will allow you to go month to month.

In general, web hosting is based on features and resources such as bandwidth and disk space. Disk space is what allows you to store your documents and images on the provider’s server while bandwidth is a rate of data transfer that supports people visiting and performing activities on your site. The features range widely and may consist of web development tools such as PHP, Perl or ASP scripts and database systems such as MySQL, Postgre SQL or Microsoft SQL.

Control Panels

One essential feature in today’s web hosting packages is the control panel software. This type of program gives you administrative authority over your site by providing access to email and FTP accounts, domain names, web statistics and more. Some of the programs you might find offered are cPanel and Plesk though some providers utilize their own proprietary control panels. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes of web hosting. The provider’s job is to make this process as simple as possible for you, the customer. This is why the top companies house the best equipment in world-class data centers and employ expert technical support staffs to provide around the clock customer service. As more sites are being created every day, one could say that the technique of web hosting is what makes the net go round.

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6th December 2008
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