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Spam Filters for Your Website

spam filter

Everyone who owns an email account is experiencing some level of spam. Some of us may have a large amount, and others may have systems in place that filter out these messages. The ongoing, seemingly endless issue of spam has resulted in hundreds of programs designed to prevent it. While everyone wants a product that efficiently regulates this unsolicited junk mail, it is important that the spam filter suits the needs of you and your business. The program that worked for one individual may not exactly be suitable for you.

Spam has become such an issue. It not only affects a person’s email account, but is also frequently found in blogs, chat rooms and other interactive communities. Spammers typically work in groups and exchange information; all it takes is for one of them to get access to your account. Before long your website or inbox will be flooded with annoying spam.

One reason spam is so abundant is because these messages are easily created. This has led to many free filters being offered with mail servers such as AOL and Yahoo. These programs are certainly more convenient than manually going through each individual message to determine its legitimacy. While they are helpful, some of these filters actually wrongfully quarantine genuine messages.

One type of spam filter is classified as user defined programs that typically come pre-installed into an email account. These filters allow you to forward mail to many different inboxes. They also allow you to setup accounts for mail received from friends or business associates. If an email is suspected to be spam, you can forward the message to your trash folder. This type of spam filter calls for you to carefully monitor your emails and look for telling characteristics such as the sender’s email domain or the subject line of the message.

Another widely used program is considered to be a header filter, a more advanced way to combat spam. They determine unsolicited mail by evaluating the subject field. This is very effective because the header of an email contains details regarding the server used to send the message. Clever spammers enter false information in the subject fields to prevent recipients from contacting them directly. A quality spam filter will detect these faulty headers and instantly label it as spam.

Since all headers or subject fields do not necessarily translate into spam, content filters are a more viable choice for many. These programs scan the text of an email to learn if the text is genuine and makes sense. It effectively filters out emails that appear faulty and place them in your spam folder.

The many different types of spam filters available on the market all deal with these unsolicited messages in different ways. They vary in technique and features – some are advanced while others are rather basic. The industry’s versatile approach assures that there is an anti-spam program just right for you.

When looking for a company to host your website, choosing one with a quality spam filter is an absolute must. and are two affordable services that come with great anti-spam solutions.

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One Response to “Spam Filters for Your Website”

  1. bluet says:

    Everyone hate a spam and as a webmaster and publisher, I found it hard to seperate which one is spam and which one is the real ads because today the difference seems to be reduce less and less more. With all the spammers new technology, some spam can pass from the Yahoo filters and all that expensive anti spam tools that you can buy in the market is completely useless. This is the security matter that we must be concern with.

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