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Shared Web Hosting Security Concerns – How to be Prepared

Computer security has become a major concern for many businesses, especially those that use shared web hosting. Although you may utilize shared web hosting, this does not mean that your company has to be at risk. Instead, you should learn how to prepare yourself. Thus, you need to know how to find a web host that can offer you all of the shared web hosting security which is required to protect your company’s website. Not only is it important for you to protect your company’s information, but you will also need certain security measures in place so that you may build trust with your customers. Security equals trust and this will make your clients feel comfortable using your site.

Shared Web Hosting with Implemented Cage Structure

In order to determine if a web hosting company has the security that you need, you should contact them to discuss the security measures that they utilize. One primary feature that you should pay attention to is the cage structure that the web host uses. If they do not mention the cage structure, then you should be certain to address this topic. You need an implemented cage structure to ensure that your website is safe. If the web hosting company uses implemented cage structure, then you will have an added level of comfort that your site is safe from intruders.

Shared Web Hosting Without Unsolicited Binary Code

You should also be sure that the web host that you choose does not allow unsolicited or suspicious binary code in the shared web hosting. Suspicious binary codes could cause you serious problems because they are frequently used by hackers to gather information from websites. In order to protect your information, you will need to be certain that unsolicited and suspicious binary codes are kept out of the shared web hosting.

Shared Web Hosting with Hardened Configuration

One of the problems with computer driven platforms is that hackers continue to learn and develop sophisticated ways to break into them. This means that the shared web host that you choose needs to stay at the forefront of security technology. Occasionally there will be cracks in the system. What really matters is how the shared web host reacts to these cracks. You need a host that will be proactive and will find solutions to any possible security risks. Regularly checking the system for possible security risks and fixing these problems is the best way for your website to be protected.

There are several concerns about shared web hosting security, but most of these problems can be addressed easily by a knowledgeable staff. Be certain that the web hosting company that you choose has the technology, staff, and proper attitude about security. Once you find the right company, you can feel certain that any shared web hosting security concerns will be taken care of appropriately. While there are some shared web hosts that do not provide the services you need, most reliable companies such as HostMonster, IX WebHosting, PowWeb, and BlueHost are known to offer high levels of security, therefore you may focus 100% on the satisfction of your customers.

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16th January 2008
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    Very good article on security concerns that every web host should be aware of. Hacking attempts are all over the place and it is important for web hosts to constantly checking the preventive measures implemented to ensure a secured hosting environment for clients.

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