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Qualities You Need in an E-commerce Hosting Solution

Qualities You Need in an E-commerce Hosting Solution

There are many different types of web hosting available, however, e-commerce hosting is what you need to sell products and services online. These services offer a special set of features and tools that differ from the typical hosting arrangement. While the specifics all depend on your individual needs, there are some qualities an e-commerce plan should not be without.

Support for Files and Visitors

Most e-commerce sites have far more content than personal websites. This is usually text and photos, yet may also consist of audio and video as well as web applications. All this content requires the use of server space and the more files you have, the more capacity you will need. Because you want potential customers coming to your site at all hours of the day, you will need a solution equipped to support traffic. The best way to ensure that both of these critical areas are covered is to choose an e-commerce hosting plan that provides more than enough disk space and bandwidth to work with. An adequate amount of disk space ensures that you have enough room to store you files while bandwidth supports all the people who visit and make purchases from your site.

Quality Shopping Cart

A shopping cart is the heart of any e-commerce site. This type of software is what you need to set up an online storefront that allows your customers to select and manage the items they want to purchase. Shopping carts are abundant, therefore actually getting your hands on a program isn’t much of a hassle In fact, many of them are included free in e-commerce hosting packages. The key is finding one that suits the needs of both you and customers. Customers should not have trouble selecting shipping options, adding or deleting items and updating the cart. Features vary from cart to cart so we suggest that you a little research before making a decision. One of the last things you want to do is change shopping carts in the middle of trying to run your business.

Secure Shopping Environment

Although e-commerce has taken off, many consumers still do not feel comfortable shopping online. Familiar with the horror stories and media hype, they are fearful of the malicious hackers and security breaches being publicized on a regular basis. These feelings are warranted when considering that the web is a haven for cyber-criminals. Attackers are lurking and anyone that isn’t protected can be victimized. When looking for an e-commerce solution, it is an absolute must that you put a strong emphasis on security. If you plan to sell anything from your site, you will need a host that offers support for SSL. By installing a Secure Sockets Layer or SSL certificate, you can ensure that all the transactions on your site are protected against hackers. Not only will this provide you with security, it will boost the confidence of potential customers as well.

A Solid Recommendation

One must take a lot into consideration when e-commerce is involved and these are just a few of numerous factors. The most important aspect is the web hosting provider as this decision will either make or break your experience. There are many companies that offer these services but we recommend checking out IX Web Hosting. Well respected throughout the industry, this host specializes in e-commerce hosting solutions and has been helping people like yourself get their business off the ground for more than a decade.

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21st May 2009
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