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Protecting Your Site with cPanel


Nothing can be more frustrating than interruptions and distractions – interruptions from relentless users trying to unlawfully log into your pages and distractions from spammers littering the site. These issues tend to be annoying but can also pose as security threats. Solving this problem is often as easy as relying on the features of your web host.

A host using cPanel as its control panel also has the power of IP Deny Manager included. This is a neat tool for keeping troublesome visitors away from your website. IP Deny Manager has the ability to block a domain or even an entire IP (internet provider) address. This sophisticated system is designed to instantly detect a domain name’s IP address. It works by entering a domain name into the IP field – this blocks that site from using any content from the particular site or accessing at it all.

After determining what domains you would like to ban from accessing your site, you can then tackle the IP addresses and add them to the list in IP Deny Manager. Simply type in the IP address that you want to block and click the “Add Domain Names” icon – this works in the same manner mentioned above. Once you have entered the information, the system will automatically determine the IP address and add it to the list.

Prevent Hotlinking

Hotlinking is a major problem for many sites. As other people feed off of your images and text links, valuable resources of your server are being used. Stopping these leaches can be done in a few ways: one is to use the hotlink protection feature that comes included with your cPanel application.

Another way to combat this problem is to study the behavior of your visitors through the cPanel’s statistical program, Awstats. You can find Awstats in the Web/FTP Stats section of the control panel. Once inside the application, you can begin to filter out the nagging hotlinkers. Underneath the “Referrers” link, click “Referring Sites”. This will open a menu for “Links From External Pages”. This section will display the incoming sites that are linking to yours. External pages will be listed on a month to month basis.

You will then need to find the sites that would link to files on your account and click the “Referral” icon. This will display a page that lists the website in question. It will indicate whether a site is linking directly to one of your files or images or the website in general. If a general link is found yet no files are being linked to directly, the site can be moved along and the next one can then be checked.

Another perk from the Awstats program is found in the “Pages-URL” section. When your files or images are being hotlinked and generate a high volume of traffic, those statistics will be displayed in this area. Here you will be able to gather helpful details of what files are being linked to and estimate how much they are being used.

cPanel is the ultimate tool for not only managing but protecting your site. We recommend these two services for their user friendly control panels and affordable prices:

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9th February 2008
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