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Prominent Web Hosts Offer RankSense SEO Packages

RankSense recently announced that it has formed a partnership with web hosting companies HostGator and SEO Hosting in a move that allows them to offer a special set of SEO tools to their clients. These two providers join SuperbHosting as the latest providers to benefit from this robust tool set. RankSense offers a powerful-wizard-driven tool that walks users through the essential steps needed to obtain and maintain natural search engine rankings. This useful software package is compromised of 12 powerful tools that simplify the sometimes grueling task of search engine optimization. Some of the most notable features include:

Search Engine Coverage – Analyzes your website’s search engine visibility

Built-in Sitemap Builder – Automatically creates and submits an XML sitemap that gains the attention of search engines.

Keyword Analyzers – Helps you determine the best keywords based on value, traffic, search volume and conversions.

Link Structure Analysis – Helps you comprehend the structure of your backlinks as well as the competitions’.

Link Text Analysis – Analyzes the anchor text links of your competitors as well as the anchor text linking to your site.

Link Research – Automatically seeks out URLs for link exchange based on criteria such as blogs, articles and directories.

SEO Progressive Reports – Delivers comprehensive data-rich reports detailed with information on virtually every aspect of the optimization process. You get information on specific search engines, rankings, landing pages and much more.

There is a certain buzz around SEO (search engine optimization) these days, mainly because this combination of techniques has been so effective. Many webmasters and designers have learned that optimizing for search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN is the best way to generate targeted traffic and prompt increased sales. SEO has become such a phenomenon that it has led to the birth of numerous myths, misconceptions and firms claiming to have the answer. Unfortunately, many of these so-called experts have done nothing but anger the community of website owners by making false promises and guarantees they simply can’t live up to. Solutions such as RankSense’s SEO toolkit offer a viable alternative to the misleading claims by helping webmasters achieve genuine search engine rankings through proven approaches.

Understanding that keeping up with the ever evolving customer demands is the key to surviving in the highly competitive hosting market, representatives from HostGator and SEO Hosting are thrilled over the partnership with RankSense. Chad Bean, director of marketing for both companies, notes that their customer now have all the tools they need to successfully market their sites and drive in quality traffic. With the RankSense SEO package, hosting clients have access to an SEO tools that provide step-by-step guidance on increasing visibility in the eyes of major search engines.

Not everyone can afford the services of a professional SEO firm but RankSense’s SEO tool offers a cost-efficient solution to the problem. The software is currently available on a pay-as-you-go basis, allowing you to comfortably optimize and analyze at your own pace. If you prefer the do-it-yourself method, the RankSense SEO suite is easily one of the best routes to take.

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14th May 2009
Posted by Web Hosting Consultant in Best Web Hosting Tips
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