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Is Social Media Marketing Really Important?

social media marketing

If you want to be successful on the Internet, you should know about SMM, otherwise known as Social Media Marketing. Businesses use Social Media Marketing to get ahead of other competition, and you should use it too. Two web hosts featured on our top 10 list, BlueHost and HostGator, offer services that cater to this marketing concepts, including blogs, forums, and wikis. Use Social Media Marketing to gain personal relationships with customers and gain a bigger fan base — Internet users do not fall for quick gimmicks or impersonal tactics. Here is what you need to know about Social Media Marketing.

Social Media Marketing in a Nutshell

Social Media Marketing, sometimes abbreviated SMM, is a type of Internet-based marketing. It involves using social media applications, such as blogs, podcasts, forums, or wikis, to personally connect with the audience by personally broadcasting company-specific news and information. It connects specifically with the younger crowd and makes them feel involved. Unfortunately, traditional marketing concepts do not work with Internet-based crowds so businesses must take a personalized approach. The solution is Social Media Marketing.

Web Hosts Offers SMM To You

Web hosts recognize Social Media Marketing as a viable concept, offering you these advantages with their web hosting packages. For years customers looked for ways to use Social Media Marketing concepts, such as using blogs or wikis. Web hosts now offer these in concrete packages. Two web hosts that offers this exclusive “SMM” package are BlueHost and HostGator. Any good web host will offer SMM solution to you, not the other way around. Here is what you should know about each SMM application: blogs, forums, and wikis.

SMM: Blogs

In Social Media Marketing, blogs are used to personally communicate updates, news, and information to a wide audience. The audience? The world wide web. Originally, people used blogs to serve as an Internet journal — a personal way of communication. It is usually informal. Business now utilize it to casually pass on information to its readers. You reach a much larger audience with your message and it is very convenient. Most web hosting packages offer some sort of blogging format. BlueHost offers WordPress, a popular blog format.

SMM: Forums

Also called message boards, forums serve as a meeting place where customers and business professionals can publically communicate with each other. It is a great way to improve your reputation — you talk directly with the customers and discuss any concerns or questions. Most Internet-based businesses host forums as a personal way to communicate with customers. Better yet, the messages you leave are viewed by anyone else on the Internet.

SMM: Wikis

Familiar with Wikipedia? Wikis are like an online encyclopedia for your site, where you can organize information and data for customers to reference. Depending on your preferences, it can be edited by customers, business personnel, or by yourself. It is extremely useful and serves as an information data center for customers. BlueHost offers Tikiwiki as part of their web hosting package.

SMM: The Best Way to Promote Online

Although web hosts do offer ways to promote your site online, they also recognize the popularity — and viability — of Social Media Marketing. Use it with your website to gain more customers, popularity, and bigger success in this massive online world.

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18th April 2008
Posted by Web Hosting Consultant in Best Web Hosting Tips
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