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Is it Safe to Use Web Hosting as Online File Storage?

Is it Safe to Use Web Hosting as Online File Storage

Secure file storage is extremely important to the success and continuance of any online business. Data loss is a fairly common, yet entirely preventable problem that plagues many online business owners. Securely storing your website’s files requires access to strong data encryption services, as well as a secure administrative interface from which you can safely upload and transfer files. Many individuals choose to use their web hosting service to store their files online, as it appears to be the most cost effective and convenient solution. The questions is; is it safe?

The Primary Concerns

Since each web host has its own level of security, it is hard to give a universal answer for the above question. Storing your site’s files with your web host may be a safe solution, if your web host itself is reliable. The reliability of your web host is perhaps the deciding factor when considering the security of your stored files. Any server your files are stored on could potentially go down at any time, thus resulting in down time, and in some cases data loss. Aside from data theft, these are the primary concerns when storing files online with any method.

File Storing Services VS. Web Hosting

There are essentially two choices in regards to storing your website’s files online; you can use your current web host, or you can use a file storage service. In general, file storage services tend to have stricter precautions in place, including backup servers, and stronger encryption levels. However, there are web hosts that meet the same standards as a professional file storage service. The best way to decide which solution would be best for your site would be to analyze the safety precautions of your web host.

If your web host is a reliable company, and your plan includes adequate server space and bandwidth, then you should be able to store your files within your web hosting service without any problems occurring. If, however, your web hosting plan provides limited server space and bandwidth, then you may want to consider hosting your files with a third party site.

Possible Dangers of using Web Hosts for Online File Storage

Every time someone accesses the files stored on your web host’s servers, some of your bandwidth is used. If there are a lot of files stored and your site receives a high amount of traffic, then slow transfer speeds, and even server crashes can occur. Visitors will be hesitant to return to your website if the download speeds are slow and the site is consistently down. The risk you’re taking by storing your files online with inadequate server space and bandwidth is compounded by failure to create file backups. When servers crash, many times there is consequential data loss, which is why it is crucial to backup your files regardless of the online storage method you’re using.


If your web hosting plan offers adequate server space, unlimited bandwidth, and strong encryption levels, then your data should be safe. If your web hosting plan does not include these benefits, then you should either upgrade, or purchase server space from a remote file storage service.

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