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Is $1 Hosting Worth the Risk?

If you are looking for an affordable web hosting plan to build your website, rest assured that cheap hosts are abundant on today’s market. In fact, is not uncommon to find a hosting company offering service for the amazingly low price of $1 per month. While this sounds good and very tempting, these are the type of offers you need to be very cautious of. What could possibly be wrong with such a deal? A lot, as you will learn from the warnings in this article.

Shady Hosts are on the Prowl

Unknown to most newcomers, there are literally hundreds and possibility thousands of web hosts that have no intention of providing you with a quality service. These fly-by-night companies are in the business for one reason – to take your money and flee, not caring in the least that your site is down and no longer accessible. This could be devastating for any website, especially one that involves mission-critical business functions. However, it is an unfortunate reality as a number of customers have fallen for the $1 hosting scam only to find that a month down the road, their website is no longer available and the web host is nowhere to be found. In this instance, your mission to save money could end up costing you tremendously.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled

To clear the air, we must state that every $1 or cheap hosting plan is not an outright scam. Many of them are just of poor quality and doomed to fail. In order to keep yourself from winding up with a horrible service, we recommend avoiding the following tricks:

False Advertising – Web hosts employ the old false advertising technique because it is the easiest way to pull the wool over the eyes of unsuspecting customers. They typically execute this trick by advertising a low priced plan equipped with so many features and benefits you can’t help but sign your name on the dotted line. Unless you want to be hit with a rude awakening, ensure that the host can live up to its claims and that they are actually logical before making a commitment.

Long-term Contacts – One of the most common tricks used by overly cheap web hosting providers lies in the contract terms. Since the host is charging you next to nothing for service, they might try to get you to lock into a long-term agreement in order to ensure their profits. Some even offer lifetime terms. There should never be any reason for you to sign a lifetime contract with any host. This will do nothing but limit your potential for growth and keep you from exploring other options on the market. Even though having a firm you can establish a lengthy relationship with is ideal, you still want to have faith in the service before making any long term obligations.

No Money Back Guarantee – Most of the unbelievably cheap web hosts do not offer a money back guarantee. Money is often tight and these companies will cut corners where ever possible to make ends meet. Giving the customer their money back would do nothing but make matters worse in their eyes. The money back guarantee is what can pull you out of a potentially nightmarish service and at least assure some of your money back in the process. Never sign up with any host that does not offer one and give yourself a bit of leverage.

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17th September 2009
Posted by Web Hosting Consultant in Best Web Hosting Tips

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