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Green Web Hosting Trends for 2010

2010 Green Web Hosting Trend

Two trends are already evident in 2010: protecting the environment by reducing the ‘carbon footprint,’ and the growth of small to medium sized online businesses. As the world economy shows the first signs of recovery in two years, more businesses are forming and publishing company websites.

Many web hosting companies have taken the “green” movement by the horns and are offering certified wind energy certificates as their way of producing a neutral carbon footprint. With the popularity of green services, we are likely to see more businesses buying green web hosting services.

Web hosting seems rather like a pass-through type of business. You, the business owner, develop a website and need someplace to publish it. By purchasing web server space you have the freedom to operate a website without owning your own expensive server equipment. Although it appears to be an innocent transaction, web hosting companies are getting much scrutiny by environmental groups.

Why? Web servers use an enormous amount of electricity. A web host with a data center filled with thousands of power-hungry servers can actually use as much electricity in a year as a small town. As a result of this shocking report, many web hosting companies are buying wind energy certificates to offset 100% or more of their energy needs.

Expect More Green Web Hosts

Right now you can find web hosts that were founded under the “green” initiative. Companies like and both have a green platform on which they stand. They provide solid and affordable web hosting solutions all while maintaining a completely 100% carbon-neutral energy environment. They purchase more than up to 200% to 300% in wind energy certificates to show their dedication to clean electricity production. With this type of web hosting gaining popularity, expect more hosting companies to form with the “green” already incorporated in the name.

More Business Websites Will Show Their Green Colors

It is easy being green. Being environmentally green can bring in the other ‘green’ – money. Worldwide concern for the environment has created demand for green products. You can buy 100% biodegradable plastic and other containers. Soaps and detergents are formed with green ingredients. Even clothing is manufactured with reused and recycled materials. So you can expect to see more internet businesses tout their green on their front web page. Using a green web hosting company gives you the benefit of showing the certifications provided by the EPA. As more demand grows for green web hosting, more companies will proudly display their efforts to help their bottom line.

More Green Web Host Employee Efforts

Any web hosting company can purchase green wind energy credits. But not many take extensive measures with their carbon-neutral efforts. Many web hosting companies have begun internal policies that help save the environment as well. Going completely paperless is one way. Establishing recycling programs is another. And some companies like even have “sack lunch” policies for their employees to cut down on fast-lunch paper and plastic waste.

There are plenty of avenues that green web hosting will take. As the demand for green products continue to grow, we’ll see more and more companies switching to green power for their energy needs.

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