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FrontPage Web Hosting

FrontPage Web Hosting

What is FrontPage Hosting?

FrontPage Hosting simply describes a web hosting provider that offers FrontPage extensions to publish web sites. FrontPage extensions are tools developed by Microsoft, designed to add ease to the task of web authoring and management. They consist of various components and can improve web development in many ways. The advanced graphical components of FrontPage can be used to create dynamic web pages or even an entire website. Its components can be used in combination with the graphics of other programs to offer a greater level of control over image management. After updating a master template, all of the web pages associated with it are automatically modified for faster web publishing.

With FrontPage, you can mix and match different web browsers and screen resolutions as it gives you the freedom to select the combination that suits your site best. It includes pixel precision control for page layout purposes to ensure that your images are sharp and vivid. The design of FrontPage extensions assists in the generation of more efficient code and the expansion of programming skills. The built-in tools give you the ability to script code faster with more accurate and interactive results.

Components of FrontPage

FrontPage essentially contains two major components – the FrontPage Editor and the FrontPage Explorer. The FrontPage Editor uses a GUI (graphical user interface) to provide the WYSIWIG editor. “What you see is what you get” so when creating, designing or editing with FrontPage, the results of a web page will be displayed in the same manner in which it was seen in the preview window. This editor also supports web programming code which can be easily implemented with the aid of the HTML editor, allowing you to create dynamic content with the simple click of the mouse. The FrontPage Explorer is used to test a website in real-time and helps in tracking pages, links and other components.

The additional features of FrontPage include Web Bots (Web Robots). These are CGI scripts that enhance functionality and presence by provoking the interaction of web forms, form handlers, counters, search engines, discussion groups, customized links and much more. These scripts can be easily implemented and do not call for any programming at the server end.

Who Needs FrontPage Hosting?

FrontPage extensions are ideal for those new to web designing and experienced webmasters alike. These tools enable a website to run with a variety of applications and features that are unique to the FrontPage environment. A server enabled with Frontpage gives you the ability to design specific web pages or an entire website in your own vision.

FrontPage hosting offers many advantages such as remote and multi-user authoring, the inclusion of forms, form handling, internal searching capability, discussion forums, hit counters and much more. It is time effective, cost efficient and easy to use – the ultimate solution in quality web hosting.

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