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Free Web Hosting and The Pitfalls You’ll Find

free web hosting

Is there anything inherently wrong with free web hosting? Of course not! Anything is better when it’s free, right? Sure. If we could use a great web hosting company like iPowerWeb or their similarly named competitor iPower free of charge, we would be all over it in a minute without a single complaint. Of course, the world doesn’t work that way. There are free web hosting companies out there, however, and it is possible to start building your corner of cyberspace without shelling out a single dollar. Do we recommend it? Well, it depends. It depends on what your designs are. If you just want a little personal space on the web to put up some photos and text and have your family be able to visit, there’s nothing wrong with saving some cash. If you want anything more from your website, however, it might be a good idea to come off your wallet and join the big boys.

Spending Money To Make Money

The maxim is true in any business, be it on the web, or out in the so-called real world. You have to spend money to make money. Now, this doesn’t mean spending money willy nilly without a plan, and it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be frugal in your choices of where to spend your dollar. But it does mean that you get what you pay for. Free web hosting is fine for a personal website or a site that you never intend to be anything more than a hobby. If you want to create a business on the internet, however, you probably want to look beyond free hosting. A Geocities account, for instance, simply doesn’t look professional when it comes to a website.

The Trust Factor

Shoppers and surfers on the internet are growing savvier by the day. They recognize a website that’s being hosted on a free server, and it sends up a red flag. Maybe not consciously, but certainly inside their heads in some fashion. They see the border ads and the strange URL, and it just screams to them: you don’t want to spend any money here. After all, why would they purchase from a business that can’t even afford the very low cost of hosting a website? They wouldn’t.

But You Just Want To Dabble

Of course, with a first website, or foray into building one, it can be tempting to go with a free web host. And maybe there’s nothing wrong with that. If you only have vague plans for your website, and aren’t even sure if this is something you want to do, it can make a lot of sense to go with a free account so you can dabble with it before becoming financially committed. On the other hand, how much of a financial commitment are we really talking about? Some web hosting companies offer plans as low as five or six dollars a month like IX Web Hosting or StartLogic. Is that really going to break the bank?

Free web hosting may be fine for the dabbler, or for those interested in a small, personal website. For everyone else, you should really consider purchasing an affordable plan and get your website started off on the right foot.

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27th March 2008
Posted by Web Hosting Consultant in Best Web Hosting Tips
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