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Fantastico Poll Scripts Review

Fantastico Poll Scripts Review

Poll and survey software gives you a simple and effective way to create and manage such features regardless of what you lack in technical expertise. Each component is great for building communities where users actively participate and make an excellent way to get quick feedback from your audience. Anyone looking for a simple way to facilitate audience participation will be glad that to know that poll and software applications are very affordable these days. In fact, some of the best applications come included free in the Fantastico script installer bundled in the cPanel control panel. Equipped with popular solutions such as Advanced Poll, phpESP and LimeSurvey, this handy tool makes sure you have more than enough viable options to choose from.

Advanced Poll
Fantastico Advanced Poll
Advanced Poll is a powerful polling system and efficient administration tool. This software doesn’t require you to know HTML coding or any complex server-side technologies. The well organized interface contorts to the novice and dramatically simplifies the management process. Advanced Poll gives you the ability to create multiple poll templates, customized surveys and set up polls that support multiple languages. The extensive features and capabilities of this unique system makes it an ideal solution for creating opt-in lists and most importantly, generating repeat traffic to your website.


phpESP (Easy Survey Package) is a PHP scripted software program that enables the fast creation, deployment and management of web surveys. The application allows beginners to easily create and administer surveys, gather results and view statistics all from an intuitive web-based interface. You can set up surveys with standard question formats and also incorporate features such as check boxes, radio buttons and drop-down menus. phpESP allows for simple customization through an array of interface options and even though the software doesn’t require programming knowledge, you can really personalize your creations with a little skill in cascading style sheets editing. This application puts out exceptional performance on virtually any server equipped with PHP and MySQL.


Also written in the PHP language, LimeSurvey (formerly PHP Surveyor) is a set of scripts that functions with a MySQL database to create, publish and collect responses from surveys. After creating a survey, it can be published as an online survey available to the user community or as an internal version only meant for the participation of administrators. LimeSurvey allows you to change the look and feel of your surveys via a comprehensive template system and also view basic statistical analysis of results. The software supports unlimited surveys and participants, offers built-in questions ready to be imported, printable survey formats and more than 20 different question types. LimeSurvey has a user-friendly management interface and functionality suited for everything from blog sites to complex business applications.

Poll and survey software tools are generally affordable but you won’t have to pay a penny extra for the applications included in Fantastico. These programs are ready to go and allow you to deploy effective, interactive features perfect for gathering market research or other feedback needed to generate traffic and keep your audience happy.

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22nd May 2009
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