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Fantastico Image Gallery Scripts Review

Fantastico Image Gallery Scripts Review

Fantastico is well known for its bundle of well over 40 add-on scripts. A major draw of cPanel, this handy utility allows you to incorporate several pre-installed applications in a matter of minutes. Some of the programs include blogs applications, content management systems, bulletin boards, support software and more. Fantastico has a little something for everyone, including users who want to incorporate digital images into their website. You will find that adding and managing your photos is breeze with Fantastico’s impressive roster of 4Images, Coppermine and Gallery.


4Images is a free image gallery management system that allows you to maintain your images from a user-friendly web-based interface. The software is easy to use and gives you tons of features to work with. You are provided with a variety of HTML templates for page layout design as well as RSS feeds, comment sections and rating systems for your visitors. The program offers a nice level of security with a password-protected administrative panel, spam protection and also supports a variety of plugins. 4Images gives you a lot of flexibility with support for every image format and is available for both private and non-commercial use. If you’re looking for an easy way to get your photos online, this application certainly makes a viable option.

Coppermine Photo Gallery

One of the most popular solutions available, Coppermine is an open-source photo management system with features that cater to individuals and business users alike. This program offers a fast setup and can be easily customized to reflect the presentation of your existing site. Some of the standout features of the software include private photo galleries, automatic thumbnail creation and support for numerous plugins. Additionally, it has interfaces to suit a number of open-source packages including Joomla, Mambo, phpBB and PostNuke to name a few. Coppermine Photo Gallery is an excellent choice but in order to run it, you will need a server enabled with the PHP programming language, an SQL database, the ImageMagick library and the Apache or IIS web server.


Gallery was also established as an open-source project and therefore, has requirements similar to that of Coppermine. This also means that it is maintained and supported by a large community of developers and users. Gallery provides an intuitive interface that lets you easily manage your folders and individual photos. The software offers seamless integration with popular blog platforms, content management systems and bulletin boards, allowing you to easily spruce up your current site. This multi-functional tool is highly extensible through a plethora of add-on modules and can be customized to suit your needs. Perfect for community sites, families and organizations, Gallery is a major hit on the open-source market and is currently the most widely used photo management system of its kind.

All of these programs are very similar yet different in the features and functionality they offer.

Each can be easily installed right through the Fantastico interface, allowing you to instantly enhance your web presence. With such a streamlined process, you can give each application a try to find out which is the right solution.

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