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Essential Tips for Finding the Perfect Imaging Hosting Plan

Essential Tips for Finding the Perfect Imaging Hosting Plan

Although audio and video streaming applications have become prevalent over the years, photo remains as one of the most popular forms of media. Even with all the technological internet advancements, images still make a great way to personalize your site whether it’s a blog, social network or business portal. When deciding to incorporate such elements, you can either struggle with complex programming languages, or take the easy route that caters to beginners and advanced users alike. Because there are so many determining factors, this article will provide a few tips to help you find the best image hosting solution available.

Storage and Transfer

If you desire to have a website that thrives off beautiful images, there are two vital features you just can’t do without: an adequate supply of disk space and bandwidth. These resources are crucial factors in any web hosting solution but especially when photo galleries are involved. Image files consume far more space than the average text file. And because you are probably looking to share your photos with a considerable amount of users, you will need ample bandwidth to support all the traffic that comes through and transfers data from your site. The importance here can’t be stressed enough because if you’re lacking in either department, you could end up paying for expensive upgrades and suffer a severe blow when your site is crawling at a snail’s pace.

Seek Personalization Features

If you take a look at some of the photo galleries posted on the web, you will probably find that many of them are nearly identical. Unless you want to fall in the same category as all the rest, we suggest investing in a hosting plan that provides customization tools which allow you to create professional, individualized galleries. Now keep in mind, there are numerous software applications on the market and even more people that put them to use. However, there are solutions that offer enough templates and customization features that allow you to have the one-of-kind site you need to stand out from the crowd.

Get Your Money’s Worth

Some people believe that you must pay a premium price in order to get a quality photo hosting solution. That isn’t necessarily the case. Hosting of all types are incredibly affordable these days and with images playing a major role in the development of the web, finding a photo-friendly package is easier than it has ever been. With that said, some providers will charge the unknowing an arm and leg for standard features so you need to keep your eyes on the price of a hosting plan. Cost isn’t the most important aspect, but you still want to make sure you get a great value for every dollar spent.

Our Recommendation

While we advice that you do some comparisons, we would like to make your search a bit less stressful by recommending a quality service that can satisfy your creative tastes. On the scene for more than a decade, FatCow is a reliable host that has been helping individuals like yourself longer than most companies in the business, well equipped with the tools and expertise to help get your photo site off the ground. With plenty of storage space, bandwidth and your choice of photo software applications, this provider can deliver what you need to make an impact with a professional image-driven site.

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