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Does Green Web Hosting Really Help the Environment?

Does Green Web Hosting Really Help the Environment

Over the years, numerous companies across several industries have made conscious efforts to go green. One area where this trend is really taking off is the web hosting industry. More of these companies are emerging while others are making the transition to offer more eco-friendly services. While some are onboard with the concept, others are skeptical, wondering if it’s a genuine effort or just another one of numerous marketing gimmicks to hit the hosting market. We’re here to tell you, green hosting is indeed legitimate.

The Need for Green Energy

Though you may not realize, it takes a lot of energy to run a web hosting company. Now multiply that by an entire industry. Each and every server requires a certain amount power to keep the operation up and running. With this you have to factor in power supply as well as climate control systems to keep the hardware cool, sophisticated security systems to keep intruders out, connectivity to keep the network thriving, as well as many other energy consumption processes. Moreover, larger hosting companies house hundreds to thousands of computers in a single data center, continuously driving up the electricity bill and even worse, releasing damaging emissions into the atmosphere. If global warming is truly a reality as experts claim, the web hosting industry can be credited for the significant role it has played over the last decade or so.

Green web hosting companies reduce data center emissions and help the environment in a variety of ways. Many of them do so by powering their services through wind, solar power and other sources of alternative energy. Some thrive off renewable energy or carbon credits while others gather power from their own devices. Not only are these companies being environmentally conscious in data centers, but in their office space as well. They run paperless operations and utilize heat from computer components to heat their offices. Some even require that their employees car pool and ride bikes to work. Every method plays an integral part in eliminating tons of CO2 from the air.

The Power of Green Hosting

Environmental aspects aside, the best thing about green web hosting is that it doesn’t loack on performance or reliability. Several companies have learned to make the most of these alternative energy sources and deliver quality services to the customers. Today you can find green hosting packages at competitive prices, offering all the features you would get in the typical service arrangement. HostPapa is one host that powers its service on alternative energy sources, ensuring the utmost in reliability with solutions geared towards individuals and businesses alike. ThinkHost is another respectable host that takes care of its customers, coupling a feature-rich solution with the planting of a new tree for each plan sold.


So, is green hosting really worth it? Definitely. Just like recycling and similar initiatives, every step helps. In this internet driven world, the growing number of socially responsible web hosts can really make a big difference in reversing the damage. When finding a reliable service that suits your needs, you too can play your part in preserving Mother Earth.

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