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Do you know SEO? Proper Techniques and a Good Web Host are Key!

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Don’t know what SEO is? If you are trying to market your website, it is crucial that you use — and understand — SEO. SEO is a form of online marketing used heavily today, and without it, your website will never reach the higher rankings in the SERPS. A good web host is not enough to bring your site to the top, but it is a great start.

What is SEO?

SEO, the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization, is the process of making web content more friendly to web spiders. Web spiders index the content, rank it appropriately, and assign it to Google’s search page. The days of manually sending each web page to search engines is gone, replaced by SEO. SEO is fairly simple to learn also, and webmasters can apply SEO to their web content within days.

Why Should You Use It?

Ask any marketing expert about how to make your website excel, and they will say a good web host (such as IX Webhosting or Dot5), the use of Social Media Marketing, and SEO. Your website will be Google’s number one result, giving you more exposure, more business, and more brand awareness. SEO does the marketing for you, so you won’t need to depend on online advertisements.

How to Properly Use SEO

SEO is fairly simple to use once you get the hang of it. Web spiders will index your web page depending on how keyword dense your copy is. Those keywords are indexed to Google, and whoever searches for those keywords will see your site listed as number one on Google. Here is how to use SEO:

  • Write your content first and insert keywords describing your content. If your website is about viral marketing, for example, you would use “viral” and “marketing” throughout the text. Your goal is to use these keywords so that it takes up 3-5% of your web content. If your content was 300 words long, for example, you would use “viral” and “marketing” 9 to 15 times. Do not go below 2.5-3%, otherwise the web spiders will not index it. Do not exceed 6% (some experts suggest 5-5.5%), otherwise those spiders will think it is spam content.
  • Use your keywords in your content title and web page. For example, if your content was about viral marketing basics, your title should say “Viral Marketing Basics for Novice Business Owners”. Make sure not to stuff the title with keywords, or the spiders will not index it. Apply the same strategy to your web page file.

That is basic SEO. There are more complicated ways to apply SEO, but leave that up to SEO professionals. Also, if you find this too time-consuming or difficult to do, hire a SEO writer to complete the work for you. Most writers trained in online format know how to properly execute SEO.

It’s Not Only About SEO

Remember, SEO is only part of the puzzle. Along with a high-performing web host, such as IX Web Hosting or LunarPages, use SEO for optimum results. Your site will reach number one on Google, resulting in more customers and more success in your web-business adventure.

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21st April 2008
Posted by Web Hosting Consultant in Best Web Hosting Tips
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2 Responses to “Do you know SEO? Proper Techniques and a Good Web Host are Key!”

  1. bluet says:

    Thanks for your advice. I know there a lot of pro SEO expert that we can hire online, but some SEO tools is coming in a very handy package and we can do it ourself. If we dont have time to take care our site, we can leave it to the professional. I’m trying to find a good SEO expert with an affordable price, but I know that if we can find the best SEO, the price is actually not a big deal. You can earn more from Adsense, Adbrite, and etc.

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  2. james says:

    quite good point my personal experience says that having a good host and also a dedicated hosting can help a lot for your rank and for all seo techniques because search engine give you advantage automatically by that i think that will help for newbies :)

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