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Blog Comparison Chart

WordPress b2Evolution Nucleus
Details An open-source blogging application. Scripted in PHP, it is the official successor of b2\cafelog An open-source blogging application used to create and publish dynamic blog posts An open-source blogging application with all the features of a true CMS
Advantages – custom themes
– built-in stat tracker
– multi-author support
– excellent spam filtering
– supports various plug-ins
– easy to use
– multi-author support
– compatible with various servers
– allows you to host your own domain
– runs on your own server
– supports multiple blogs
– enables optimized URLs
– fully customizable
– socialbookmark-ready
Disadvantages – themes lack uniqueness
– PHP makes it susceptible to security issues
– lacks features of a complete CMS
– insufficient spam filtering
– limited features
– limited themes
– too advanced for some beginners
– lack of professional themes
– not as flexible as other systems
This type of Blog Platform is right for you if… lack web designing ability yet need a powerful, feature-rich solution Need to quickly create multiple blogs plan to create a blog that functions more like an online community

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4th November 2008
Posted by Web Hosting Consultant in Best Web Hosting Tips

2 Responses to “Blog Comparison Chart”

  1. Definite Web Hosting says:

    Very nice comparison. I always wondered what the difference actualy is between the different blog engines. I have been a WordPress fan from the beginning but maybe I must try out some of the other ones also.

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  2. Martin G says:

    How would you feel Joomla compares to the rest of these blogging platforms. Can it b used in a similar way?

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