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Benefits of Starting your Hosting Business with Reseller Hosting

start web hosting business with reseller hosting

Reseller hosting is a type of hosting where an individual purchases an account from a company, allocates the provided resources and sells them to other clients. Although a reseller acts as their own web host, they are essentially a middleman between the parent hosting provider and the end-user. If you’re looking to break into the web hosting business, reselling is undoubtedly the best way to go.

Steady Income

The greatest benefit of reseller hosting is the ability to generate a steady flow of revenue, even for the individual who lacks the time and money it takes to maintain their own server and data facility. With so many companies offering these packages, you have the option of choosing a service that is best suited for your clients in the terms of cost, performance and reliability. Issues such as server maintenance will all be handled by the web host, allowing you to focus on consulting and providing excellent customer service of your own.


In some cases, reselling can enable you to be more scalable than the conventional web host. The average provider is limited by resources in regard to both software and hardware. If a few clients suddenly experience substantial growth and require upgrades, the web host might not be prepared for it. The only way to satisfy these clients would be to upgrade their hardware and implement more software components, something that is time consuming and expensive for both parties. As a reseller, you can simply relocate to a different provider that is already capable of meeting your needs, taking your clientele right along with you.


Just like any other web hosting company, a reseller is only as reliable as its staff and affiliates. Many reseller hosts begin as small organizations, outsourcing portions of their operation to other companies. As the reseller becomes larger, the amount of services performed in-house is increased, allowing them to generate more revenue with more control over the business.


Anybody with enough ambition can benefit from reseller hosting. This is one of the most effective ways to get online with a business of your own. For an affordable price, you can get a website for yourself and lease out server spaces to your clients. Reselling allows you to sell all types of hosting packages, boasting features such as industry-leading control panel software, powerful databases, multiple email accounts and much more. You can also leverage this opportunity to offer services that are often used in conjunction with web hosting plans. Examples include domain registration, merchant accounts, SSL certificates and search engine optimization services. A reseller has access to all of these great perks, each of which can provide additional revenue.


Think you’re ready to become a reseller? Check out the great reseller hosting plans offered by HostGator. The company is renown in the industry and provides nothing less than stellar support.

There are more prospects out here looking for this type of hosting than you make think. Refine your game, narrow your marketing scheme and reach out to your audience.

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3rd October 2008
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