Are New Hosts Better Than Old Hosts?

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Here comes the age-old question: is new necessarily better than old? There are advantages to each, but this test proves that newer isn’t necessarily better. Before choosing your next web host, consider these options. In this case, newer is not always the better solution.

Should You Take the Risk with Newer Hosts?

Instead of favorite older web hosts holding the lead in this fast-paced online world, newer hosts are taking charge. Now offering bigger space, more features, and innovative ways to get what you want, newer hosts are a great solution for budding entrepreneurs. These are some things newer hosts offer with their packages:

- Many ways to contact customer service. Taking advantage of Web 2.0, web hosts want you to contact them — not the other way around. To meet this demand, they are offering many ways to contact them, including live chat, phone, an advanced ticketing system, forums, and much, much more. Need a question answered? Simply use one of their Web 2.0 features for a quick and detailed reply. In this case, customer service really is customer service.

- Newer features. Newer web hosts are at the top of their game, offering cool features such as blog extensions (such as WordPress or B2Evolution), e-commerce tools, and Social Media Marketing tools, such as forums or live chat. They also want you to take advantage of Web 2.0, and you’ll get that with these new features. One site that offers this is ImHosted.

- They’re on top of new trends. Most of these hosts are run by younger owners, meaning they’re looking for new trends to offer you. Expect to get bigger hosting packages for cheaper, and expect to get it quickly. Stay on top of your game by partnering with a new host, such as HostRocket.

Sound too good to be true? As the old adage goes, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Give older hosts a second look — there are some things newer hosts cannot offer you.

Why You Should Consider Older Hosts

Although newer hosts have more to offer, older hosts have something more important to offer:

- A proven track record. This is something newer hosts cannot fake. With years of experience and dedication, older hosts know what you want. Count on getting quality service they know you want, such as HostMonster

- Trust. You will know how they perform personally with their experience, so you can trust them to give you that quality service.

- Dependability. Along with the experience and trust comes dependability. You’ll never be left in the dust, never experience bothersome downtime, and you can always count on them to perform their best.