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Analyzing Your Web Stats

analyzing web stats

A webmaster may turn to several avenues to increase the traffic of their website. Many services exist for this very purpose but one of the most inexpensive and useful resources sits in the logs of your server. When logging has been enabled, a server will log information regarding every request. When analyzing this information you can acquire vast knowledge about who is visiting your site, what browser they are using, how much bandwidth their sites consumes and much more.

Since this is such an effective marketing tool, a great amount of software exists that allow you to view well organized reports of activity. The downside of this is that many of these programs are very expensive – typically out of the price range of individuals who are just starting out with a small online business. If you simply cannot afford these high costs then it’s time to resort to a less expensive solution that provides equal if not better results; you need a reliable program such as AWStats.

AWStats is an open-source web stat analyzer. This program is free to use, making it a very powerful feature in several web hosting packages. It has the ability to thoroughly analyze a wide range of server logs and creates outstanding, easy to read reports. AWStats presents your most important data in a tasteful manner, consuming few of the server’s resources if any at all.

AWStats is scripted in the Perl web-based language. Its structure is simple with a user-friendly, graphical interface. This web stat program operates in both an online and offline mode. In the online mode, AWStats updates reports only when requested by a user. The offline mode analyzes data and produces reports in HTML coding that can be published by most standard web servers.

Listed Reports

The AWStats program will display many stats from your website. Some of the reports include:

• Total number of visits

• Total number of unique visits

• Duration of visits

• Most recent visits

• Authenticated visits

• Most recent authenticated visits

• Page hits

• KB for every hour and day of the week

• Domains of visitors

• Location of visitors – hosts, countries, IP’s

• Most viewed

• File types

• Web compression stats

• Number of robot visits

• Search engines, phrases and keywords used to find the site

• Screen size

Advanced AWStats Features

This powerful web stat analyzing tool has built a solid reputation for a number of additional tools. It includes a configuration file that is very extensible and allows users to brand a website. A business owner will find this beneficial is they are able to insert logos, modify color schemes and design templates that coincide with the company’s theme. AWStats also has a great plugin feature that makes way for new and improved functionality by integrating popular content management systems like Typo3 and PHPNuke.

AWStats is very simple to use and highly customizable, one of the most affordable and effective web analyzing tools on the market. This program is idea for both experienced web developers and the novice end user.

Having the ability to thoroughly analyze the stats of a website is imperative for any business. When looking to get the best results we recommend these web hosts: and These services offer some of the best control panels available that come included with the AWStats program.

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