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All about the CMS

content management system

A CMS (content management system) is a powerful application used to create and organize a wide range of content. As it relates to web-based applications, a CMS is used to manage a website and its associated content, which often includes a backend system to create and maintain documents. It has become even more popular with the evolution of blogs and social networking sites.

A CMS requires a web server in order to function. It also requires other features such as content storage, development tools and sufficient bandwidth to support user interaction. These systems mainly rely on the services and resources of web development companies or web hosting providers. This makes the CMS rather capable, but limited in scope and very user-specific as well.

Commercial Products

Depending on your budget and overall needs, you can choose to implement an open-source CMS or a proprietary product. The Microsoft Content Management Server is a system that enables large corporations to quickly build and efficiently deploy feature-rich websites. It streamlines the web publishing process, reducing the need for expensive website maintenance. The Microsoft CMS gives you the power to effectively manage all of your content from a centralized, easy to use interface. It also integrates with common technologies such as XML and ASP. Though highly functional, this CMS is more costly than the average proprietary solution.

Open-source Products

Some of the most efficient and widely used content management systems are classified as open-source software. PostNuke is one such CMS offered by many different web hosts. The PostNuke project was initiated by a group of PHP Nuke programmers who believed their development environment should be more of an open nature. They believed the only way to accomplish this was to develop their own version of the PHP Nuke source code. PostNuke is now a completely different project that shares little, if any code with PHP Nuke.

Mambo is another popular CMS. Formerly known as MOS (Mambo Open Source), it was designed for the creation and management of a website via a simple interface. Mambo’s ease of use has made it the preferred choice for several website administrators and web hosts as well. It includes many advanced features such as a plethora of template options and page caching to improve site performance. Mambo has the ability to provide RSS feeds, news flashes, polls, calenders, site searching, language internalization, forums, blogs and much more.

In 2004, Mambo won the Best Free Software Project of the Year award from the U.K. magazine Linux Format. In 2005, it won the Best Open Source Solution award from editors at Linux World Magazine.


The CMS industry is thriving with numerous solutions available from proprietary products to open-source versions. Creating and managing a website with dynamic content can be a real challenge, but is made much easier with a reliable CMS. You can enjoy all the benefits of a content management system by choosing a quality web hosting provider. BlueHost is one company that offers both PHP Nuke and PostNuke while HostMonster provides you with Mambo and the highly functional Joomla CMS.

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2nd August 2008
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