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Affordable Web Hosting – Is Cheaper Always Better?

cheap web hosting

Whether you are designing a brand new website or just thinking of switching to a new web hosting company, one of your deciding factors will be the price for web hosting services. Like most individuals and business owners on the web, you want to get the most for what you will spend.

As a website owner, it is your goal to provide products, content, or something else of value to those people searching on the internet for what you have to offer. The goal of the web hosting company is ultimately to move your website and content onto the internet so that your website is available to those searchers. With such a wide variety of web hosting companies, each of them with very different pricing structures and hosting packages, how do you know which one is right for you and your website?

Important Factors to Consider When Choosing A Web Hosting Company

Depending on how complicated or in-depth your website is and how many pages it will be, you will definitely need to consider a few very important factors, such as how much disk space and how much bandwidth you need to house your website. If you know it will be a large amount, or if you are just unsure of exactly what your needs are for disk space and bandwidth, it is probably wise to choose a web hosting company that offers an unlimited plan, such as IX Web Hosting, a company that has received excellent ratings from users on affordable web hosting plans and features.

As a website owner, you should be aware that the cheapest web hosting plan is not always the best web hosting plan based on your specific requirements. For example, if you choose the cheapest web hosting company without reviewing the details, you may find that in the long run, the web hosting company’s uptime is lacking and that you have lost sales and leads. Instead, you should try to choose a web hosting company, such as HostMonster, that can guarantee both affordability and a 99.9% uptime.

Cheap Web Hosting – Do Your Research

Overall, discount or cheap webhosting is not necessarily a bad thing, and it isn’t always inferior to higher priced web hosting. However, the important part is to look beyond the price at other factors that will be relevant and significant to your specific website’s needs. Be sure to also read and understand the fine print; cheap web hosting may come with hidden fees that are not apparent right away.

There are many affordable web hosting companies with plans that even offer bonus features, such as Bluehost – without fine print that increases the real cost of your hosting service. Bluehost is a top-rated web hosting provider that provides included features that will be helpful to new website owners, such as a free site builder, webmail, email auto-responders, hotlink protection and more. Whatever you decide, make your choice based on a combination of features and benefits – and not just the cost.

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4 Responses to “Affordable Web Hosting – Is Cheaper Always Better?”

  1. Noah says:

    Cheap is NOT always the best. Price of course should be an option when considering the purchase of a new hosting plan, however when money is being put out, it should be on something that works and will always be reliable. The old saying, “you get what you pay for” is very true.

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  2. Cogbuddy says:

    Cheap will not always give the desired quality. Earlier we were using a host for which we paid 1$ per month. But the server was always down on important occasions. Hence we decided and went for 10$ per month hosting. Only myself and my friend shares it. So now we are enjoying the full power of our host.

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  3. EasyHost says:

    “You will got for what you have paid” is always a true. You will never get such a quality hosting for a peanut price you paid. If someone told you “Best Hosting for Only $1 Monthly” then you should run away as far as possible. Most of the time they are scam artist. They would close your account and suddenly disappeared after got your money. However, it does not mean you would get high quality hosting if you pay higher either. You should stick with a well known hosting company such as hostgator, fatcow, lunarpages. These companies have to retain the company reputation so they cannot cheat on you, or they might be filed up with BBB.

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  4. NarrowSz says:

    Cheaper is definitely not always better. There are several bad web host provides or new companies that don’t really know what they’re doing. It’s very important to do research on the companies that you want to do business with otherwise you may end up paying more than you bargained for.

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