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2010 Web Hosting Prediction

2010 Web Hosting Prediction

Taking a look at where we’ve been is always a good indicator about where we’re going, and that goes for web hosting trends as well. Looking back just over the last decade we’ve seen a very large growth in web service companies, customers, and delivery of web hosting products.

The development of the web server and Microsoft Exchange Server has given small to large companies the freedom to host their own websites and create a virtual communication for all employees and customers. Shared web hosting has placed the freedom for anyone from individual blogs to e-commerce businesses to build a website and host it affordably. But where do we go from here? What is in store for 2010 and beyond into the second decade of the 21st century?

Fewer Personal Websites

The age of the personal blog has come and is nearly gone. Blogs were the “in” thing just a few years ago. The invention of Web 2.0 made it easy for anyone to claim their little piece of internet real estate and express their views and thoughts to the world. Blog hosting companies like WordPress and Blogger made it easy and free for anyone to create and manage a blog.

And while the number of blogs grew from 2005 to 2008, there has been a decline since the growing popularity of social media websites. Individuals no longer needed to create blog accounts, buy domains, and build a blogging website when all they needed to do was join MySpace or Facebook and gather friends and followers. It was much easier to share thoughts that way.

There were a number of popular personal blogs that emerged from the blogging era, but what has happened is that popular personal blogs were commercialized and monetized and became business blogs. Blogs like became a living for Heather Armstrong.

So, with the passing of the torch from personal blogs to social media, personal websites will further decline and only those with a solid business plan and marketable product will continue to create personal websites.

Growth of Software as a Service (SaaS)

While there is rock bottom prices on shared web hosting (as little as $1.99 per month), there is a growing need for better software for small and medium business websites. SaaS providers will become a growing business providing services to existing websites.

Many small to medium businesses want to create a virtual shopping store online but don’t have the resources to buy expensive shopping cart software. While there are plenty of free shopping cart options provided by web hosting companies, these usually have many limitations. Some sites break the mold by offering big business e-commerce solutions to smaller companies, and they can do this through SaaS products. Now, small businesses can harness the power of internet sales with this expert shopping cart and online catalog software. With this type of format it is likely we will see more internet-based SaaS companies emerge and gain more market share.

Because the last few years prior to 2010 have been faced with worldwide economic recession, there will not likely be any major jumps in internet technology. But finding ways to save money will always be important as internet business continues to evolve and serve new customers.

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