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Top 10 Website Hosting Companies

1. Fatcow Review

In 1998 FatCow began its reign as a top-cow web host due to their simple services during a time when so many web owners complained about how confusing and difficult it was to find a good web host. Hosting plans didn’t contain the features they needed, customer service was minimal, and web owners found that managing their own web sites was hard to understand. That’s why FatCow came up with the now famous “one plan – one price” philosophy to address the issues of reliable and courteous customer support all in one easy-to-understand hosting package for small to medium size businesses and individuals wanting a great web hosting option for a low price.

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When you register and sign up for the FatCow hosting plan you’ll get “No Bull,” just a company and all the features that any web host needs, including unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and email accounts. Your e-commerce business can rely on the free shopping cart features included in the plan, along with a fre domain registration, website builder, and a “Script Barn” stocked with all the scripting support you need for WordPress, Joomla, PHP, and more. The plan is supported 24/7 by the Moo Crew who offers the best in courteous and reliable customer support who pledges the absolute best service through their “HeiferCratic Oath”. And if that weren’t enough, FatCow does their part for the environment by choosing to be 100% wind energy powered. With a 30-day money back guarantee, you can’t go wrong with FatCow web hosting.

FatCow invites you to “join the herd” at a special reduced hosting package of $66 per year, That’s just $5.50 per month for outstanding web host service with the “Moo Crew” support team.

Click Here for MBRW Moopon and Get Fatcow Hosting for only $5.50 $3.67 Now!

Fatcow Hosting Official Site

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2. BlueHost Review

Since 1996 BlueHost has hosted literally tens of thousands of customers for both business and personal websites. Now with over 1 million hosted domains, BlueHost has become one of the oldest and most dependable web hosting companies around. They are committed to ensuring that every one of their customers receive only the best service and support at a very reasonable price. While other companies tout their “award-winning” hosting solutions, BlueHost is proud of the fact that they are ranked #1 by many reputable reviews.

With your new account BlueHost will provide a free domain registration, along with free drag and drop website building tools, and easy help transferring your existing website to their servers. Their web hosting plan supports all the major scripting languages like PHP 5, Perl, Ruby on Rails, Python and Javascript, and they have added even more unlimited disk space and file transfer bandwidth. Host an unlimited number of domains on your account and receive up to 2,500 email accounts with unlimited auto-responders and forwarding.

Want to set up e-commerce? No problem. BlueHost provides a choice of four shopping cart features to choose from all with SSL secure server and encryption. All these features run on quad processor servers with plenty of security and backup. BlueHost has been around long enough to really know what it takes to provide trustworthy, reliable web hosting for anyone.

Right now you can get reliable and professional Blue Host web hosting for a low price of just $5.95 per month with free setup and no hidden fees. Get started today and join the many satisfied Blue Host web hosting clients.

BlueHost Official Site

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3. iPage Hosting Review

iPage Web Hosting Reviews

Packed with an abundance of free extras and an anytime money-back guarantee, iPage web hosting gives its customers a punch for the money. This web hosting company has been around since 1998 and realizes that some website owners want the freedom of choice in their web packages. Thus, iPage was formed to cater to small businesses, social, non-profits, and personal websites, and their philosophy seems to be working. In a very short time they have over 1.5 million domains under their management, serving over 1 million websites, and have customers in over 150 countries.

iPage provides the features you expect including unlimited disk space, bandwidth, domains, and SQL databases. Knowing that customers depend on email, they provide full reliability for unlimited email as well. But it’s the extras that set this company apart. When customers purchase an account they receive over $400 in free extras, including $200 of credits to utilize for search marketing and social network promotions, and all their features are packed into a low price of $3.50 with MBRW iPon , which is about half off the regular price of $6.95 per month.

If at any time you are unsatisfied, iPage will refund your money with no time limits. For all these great features and a customer satisfaction approach, iPage receives high marks on our review.

Offering an anytime money-back guarantee, you can set up your website for only $6.95 per month. So get started with iPage today and take advantage of their superior web host security, unlimited features, and anytime money back guarantee.

Click Here for MBRW iPon and Get iPage Hosting for only $6.95 $3.50 Now!

iPage Web Hosting Official Site

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4. JustHost Review

In just a few short years, JustHost has become one of the top-ranked web hosting companies available. Why? Because co-founders Brooke Bryan and Nick Baker wanted to make it simple and easy for anyone to reserve and create a website. By developing an online web hosting service with features that people from all over the world can use, and hiring experienced developers, designers, and systems support, JustHost provides a very reliable web hosting service that is user-friendly.

JustHost wants to keep it simple for you, their customer. With your account you never have to worry about renewing your domain – ever! JustHost will automatically renew your free domain each year for as long as you remain a customer. JustHost provides all the great features you expect from a top-ranked web host such as unlimited bandwidth, disk space, domains, and email. JustHost will also help you design a great website with their free site builder, and provide you with the tools you need for business, such as a shopping cart, script support, and unlimited SQL databases. All this with a money-back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied.

JustHost wants to be the last web host you’ll ever need. And you can join right now for a very low price of only $3.75 per month which includes great hosting features and a plethora of free advertising and promotional credits.

JustHost Official Site

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5. GreenGeeks Review

GreenGeeks Web Hosting Review

GreenGeeks isn’t just a clever name. It not only offers a complete and reliable web hosting solution, but they do it while taking care of the environment, too. While other web hosting companies boast “energy efficient” and even 100% clean energy, GreenGeeks takes it the extra mile with a 300% wind energy purchase and a complete 100% carbon neutral energy usage. GreenGeeks takes great lengths to assure that their energy efficient servers are running at peak performance, while maintaining maximum uptime for their customers.

GreenGeeks make web hosting simple with a single web host plan. New accounts can be activated quickly and their service is backed by a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and a 30-day money-back promise.

To ensure the best service and features for their customers, GreenGeeks offers unlimited web space, bandwidth, email accounts, hosted domains, and SQL databases. They offer a free domain name for life, with the promise of renewing your domain registration for as long as you are a customer. They will also help you migrate your existing website to their servers so your transition is seamless and prompt. GreenGeeks also has all the bonus features you expect like e-commerce software with 3 choices of shopping carts, and they do this all for only $4.95 per month. GreenGeeks has what it takes to give you the best possible features through green energy consumption.

Right now you can take advantage of GreenGeeks environmentally friendly web hosting services for as little as $4.95 per month. Powerful hosting with a environmentally conscious provider is a win-win situation, and for only $4.95, your budget will also be in the green!

GreenGeeks Hosting Official Site

GreenGeeks Review
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6. Inmotion Hosting Review

InMotion Web Hosting Reviews

InMotion Hosting has been around since 2001 and has emerged as a premier web hosting provider. With their growing, loyal client base they have expanded their offerings for the most basic web site plans, to VPS plans, to dedicated servers, which makes InMotion a top choice for any business or personal website owner. InMotion strives to exceed their customers’ needs and provide the leading edge of technology.

Through their years of experience InMotion has recognized the need for different levels of service plans. That is why they have developed reasonably priced basic plans starting at just $3 per month, and offer business class hosting for only $5.95 per month. VPS and dedicated server hosting start at $39.95 per month and $199.95 per month respectively. For business websites InMotion offers a choice of shopping cart programs and provides shared SSL encryption for safe, reliable, and secure online transactions. InMotion guarantees their service and will refund all or part of your hosting charges at their discretion if you are not satisfied. With a full-range of award-winning features and support for their loyal customers, InMotion Hosting is a top choice for any web owner.

InMotion offers an abundance of reasons to sign up for their robust web hosting plans. However, for a limited time you can get an even greatert deal on InMotion’s business class plan for only $5.95 per month.

Inmotion Hosting Official Site

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7. IX Web Hosting Review

One of the early founders of web hosting companies, IX Web Hosting was formed in 1999 and has since provided over a dozen years of professional web hosting services. IX Web Hosting knows that different web owners have different needs. That is why they offer three web hosting plans to service the most basic websites to pro business sites. In addition, IX Web Hosting offers VPS solutions that cater to those website owners who need a little more security and privacy than shared-server web hosting offers.

E-commerce websites can be assured that they’ll get everything they need at IX Web Hosting with award winning e-commerce solutions like SSL security certificates and shop ready software. IX Web Hosting knows that reliability and trust are important in a hosting company, so they guarantee their performance through a full 30-day money back offering for new accounts.

IX Web Hosting operates their own data center with efficient web servers that use state-of-the-art load balancing solutions for maximum uptime. All plans come with unlimited bandwidth, disk space, hosted domains. While their “Unlimited Pro” plan offers unlimited emails, the others offer plenty of email accounts with unlimited forwarding, aliases, and auto-responders. Those who want to customize their website can utilize the free scripting support including PHP 5, Perl, Ruby on Rails, and Javascript. Every web hosting plan comes with a free site builder so new websites can be up and running quickly. New accounts receive $100 in free ad credits for search marketing through Google and Yahoo! With their award-winning support and service, you can certainly get what you need with a money-back guarantee at IX Web Hosting.

IX Web Hosting wants to host your website, big or small. Join now for a limited time offer of an all-inclusive plan for only $12.95 $7.95 per month.

Click Here and Get Unlimited Hosting for only $3.95 Now!

IX Web Hosting Official Site

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8. HostMonster Review

Boasting over 750,000 hosted domains, HostMonster is one of the long-term web hosting giants since 1996. What is HostMonster’s secret? They know that their customers demand reliability. So they have set up their data center with quality quad-processor servers with OC-48 backbone connections and redundancy so their servers are always up. And they employ the best experts in the field of web technology to offer the best quality support in a friendly manner.

Knowing that they need to be competitive, they offer all the usual list unlimiteds: disk space, bandwidth, email accounts, and hosted domains. Every new account receives one free domain registration and has access to a host of other free bonuses like a free drag-and-drop site builder, 100 SQL databases, and free credits toward website promotion on Google and other search engines. E-commerce websites have the benefit of two shopping cart choices and SSL secure server and encryption. HostMonster’s support team is available 24 hours a day, and active accounts can access plenty of free help at their Help Center to find tutorials, articles, wizards, and user forums. With a wide variety of features and support HostMonster is truly on top of their game and a great choice for any website owner.

For a limited time you can get the quality HostMonster web hosting that millions of customers have known and loved for the unbelievable low price of only $5.95 per month. This offer won’t last long, so get started today!

HostMonster Official Site

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9. Hostpapa Review


Not to be outdone by other web hosting companies, Hostpapa has developed a green web hosting solution with over 70 years of combined experience in web hosting services, and their quality green web hosting has become one of the leading web plans available to small businesses and individuals. Using a world-class data facility and housing only the best server equipment, Hostpapa has everything you need for a great website at a very reasonable price. To back it up, Hostpapa also offers a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Hostpapa certainly did not skim on features and plan design. Their plan comes with unlimited disk space and data transfer, along with a free domain name, unlimited email addresses and free access to Soholaunch site builder software. Every account is equipped with script support for PHP 5, Perl, and supports MySQL databases, and one of the best features is the statistics you’ll get Hostpapa’s account statistics reporting tool. You’ll have access to the analyzing utilities that helps you make sound decisions about your website operations, allowing you to bring in more visitors. With a 99.9% uptime guarantee and established name featured in PC World, Hostpapa provides web hosting for any business.

Hostpapa green web hosting plans start at $7.95 per month, however by acting now you can get the special price for only $3.95 with our exclusive MBRW PapaPon, so sign up today and take advantage of word class green hosting at an affordable price.

Hostpapa Official Site

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10. Web Hosting Hub Review

Web Hosting Hub

Web Hosting Hub was formed in 2011 by a team of seasoned and proven web industry professionals. They wanted a company that provided the best value in web hosting with all the great features a professional website needs at an affordable price. The founders at Web Hosting Hub designed a company that is efficient yet reliable, and from the start turned the company “green.”

Since its beginnings Web Hosting Hub has been sensitive to the environment. It prides itself with a paperless office and even boasts office furniture made from renewable and recycled materials. Web Hosting Hub has created a data center that uses energy efficient servers and practices energy conservation efforts.

With an account at WebHostingPad you can expect all the features you need for a reliable website at the remarkably low price of only $3.95 per month with MBRW HubPon if you act now. They provide unlimited disk space, bandwidth, hosted domains, email, and databases. You can expect one free domain registration with your account, and get free extras like a website builder, e-commerce software, multimedia support, and script support. You’ll get special offers such as iContact (Email Marketing Tools), e-Online Data (Accept Credit Cards Online), (Backup Solutions) and many more. Plus you’ll get their 24/7 toll-free U.S. in-house technical support. All this comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee, and a 99.9% uptime guarantee. With all the features you need for a great business or personal website at a low price, you can bet Web Hosting Hub is a good choice for your web hosting needs.

Web Hosting Hub wants to provide you hassle-free reliable web hosting at a price you can afford. And at a special limited-time deal of only $3.95 per month you can get all their hosting features at the lowest price available.

Click Here for MBRW HubPon and Get Web Hosting Hub for only $6.95 $3.95 Per Month Now!

Web Hosting Hub Official Site

Web Hosting Hub Reviews

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12th December 2007
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  1. Mike says:

    Just wanted to point out that your url on Yahoo business says that it is $9.95 per year, not month. The url begins with “Yahoo Small Business web hosting plans start at $9.95 per year…”

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    Personally I wouldn’t use Yahoo

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    The best out of this crowd in my opinion is Just Host. They great!!

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