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The Benefits of SitePal

Benefits of SitePal

When a visitor comes to your website, you generally have only seconds to make an impression on them. If your site can’t hold the visitor’s interest, you will lose them instantly. To prevent the loss of potential customers, you need to design your website in a way that encourages them to hang around and check out what you have to offer.
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28th February 2009 1 Comments »
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Interviews with Paul Bukhovko : Fatcow Hosting Marketing Manager

Paul Bukhovko of Fatcow Hosting

Q1. What can I expect from Fatcow that is different than other web hosting companies?

Answer :FatCow was born in 1998, and from the start it was designed to be a different alternative in Web hosting. FatCow has focused our entire company on delivering the best value and customer service experience in Web hosting, while also having fun. We make every effort to make our services affordable, easy to use and most importantly to provide real business value. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile for our customers and making sure all their needs are being taking care of.

Q2. How long will your 25% off for unlimited web hosting special be available? How much will the price be after this special expires?

Answer :Our special is scheduled to run until the end of the month. We may extend it for couple weeks though. Our regular price is $88 per year.
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EasyCGI Web Hosting Review

EasyCGI Web Hosting Review

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EasyCGI is no rookie when it comes to web hosting. In fact, the host has been in the business for more than a decade, starting as a prominent Internet Service Provider in route to a successful web hosting provider. Though Easy CGI specializes in Windows-based hosting, the company also caters to those who prefer Linux with flexible VPS solutions. Such variety has made Easy CGI one of the top hosts in the industry and a first choice for many business professionals.
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Interviews with Jeff Bishop : Inmotion Web Hosting Manager

Jeff Bishop Inmotion Hosting

Q1. What is the difference between the Launch, Power and Pro Business Class Web Hosting?

Answer : The main differences between our Launch and Power plans are that the Power plan is Ecommerce ready and has more than double the features of the Launch plan. The Power plan is built for the small businesses, especially those who need an online storefront. Our Pro plan is the most robust Business Class plan due to its resource allotment.

Q2. Why did you select cPanel as the primary control panel interface?

Answer : cPanel is an industry leader in stability and functionality. It is easy to use for a beginner, yet has the necessary tools for an advanced user.
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FatCow VS. IX Web Hosting

FatCow VS. IX Web Hosting

The web hosting wars are in full swing as hundreds to thousands of companies are competing for your business. You will find IX Web Hosting in many web hosting charts and paired up with a variety of competitors. How does this highly touted professional hosting company match up against FatCow? Let’s find out.
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Fatcow VS Hostmonster

Fatcow VS Hostmonster

Finding a good web host is harder than you would ever imagine. You must find a company that offers a dependable service as well as features that meet your needs, all while trying to keep the price within reason. As two of the biggest names in the business, we can tell you that FatCow and HostMonster certainly deserve a closer look. These companies are proven as reliable but which is right for you? Hopefully this in-depth comparison will help you make a decision.
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