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Top 5 Forum Hosting

top 5 forum hosting

Ever thought of implementing a message forum into your website? Perhaps you should. A forum serves numerous benefits as it gives you the ability to publish valuable information and allows your audience to leave feedback as well. Making use of a message forum is as simple as taking advantage of the tools provided by your web hosting company. Below you will learn more about forum hosting and five of the best companies that can provide it for you.
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Top 5 Social Bookmark Hosting

top 5 social bookmark hosting

Social bookmarking sites have become powerful marketing tools on the internet. In general, it involves listing and linking sites on various social networking platforms such as blogs or content-rich sites like Digg. Social networking offers a simple way to ensure that your site is viewed and marketed towards your niche audience.
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Top 5 Video Hosting Companies

top 5 video web hosting

Video hosting has quickly become a big business with sites like MySpace and YouTube being prime examples of its success. When visiting one of these sites, you can access a wide range of content from music videos to video blogs. Many of them will even let you upload your own videos. In this article we will discuss the phenomenon that is video hosting and list five of the best providers offering this capability.
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How to Set Up a Cron Job

set up cron job

Throughout your tenor as a webmaster, there may be a few occasions where you need to create scheduled tasks for your website. Maybe your CMS needs a background program to run an auction your website is hosting. In such an instance, you will need to configure a cron job, which is function that enables this automated task to run. This can be done with shell access to the server using technologies such as SSH and Telnet or via your web host’s control panel. In this article we will detail the basics of how to set up a cron job with the cPanel control panel. Leading web host providers, such as BlueHost and Lunarpages, offer cPanel for your superior control and ease of administration.
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Should You Buy Hosting With Domain Included or Buy a Separate Domain?

buy separate domain name

When it comes to buying a domain name you have two choices: you can purchase a web hosting plan with a domain included or purchase a name separately through a domain name registrar. Many web companies, such as BlueHost and Omnis, offer a free domain registration which sounds rather appealing when considering that you will only have to deal with a single company.
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Scripting Language Comparison Chart






Details A server-side scripting language that can also be executed from a command line interface or standalone program. A high-level interpreted programming language that supports object-orientated, interactive features for a web page. A high level interpreted programming language used to create dynamic web pages. A server-side scripting language created by Microsoft used to generate dynamic web pages. A dynamic, reflective programming language inspired by Perl.
Advantages • Open source
• Speed
• Multi-platform
• Ease of use
• Open source
• Very compatible
• Easy to use
• Very compatible
• Great for string processing
• Extensive support
• More advanced features
• Quick response
• Ease of use
• Highly advanced
• Very fast response
Disadvantages • Poor error handling
• Less secure than other languages
• Performance issues
• Limited documentation
• Less secure on Windows
• Requires installation
• More complex to learn
• More expensive than other languages
• Less compatible
• Less support
• More complex to learn and program
• Less control
This type of scripting language is right for you if… …you want to implement ecommerce tools, such as a shopping cart, into your website …your site requires high-level user interaction …if your site requires multi-media content …if your site requires high levels of interaction with users …you need to create dynamic site features and functionality with professional appeal