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Up Time

Customer Services

Bonus Features

Basic Monthly Cost
5 GB 250 GB 4 3 4 $5.25
300 GB 3000 GB 5 5 4 $6.95
50 GB 200 GB 5 5 3 $9.95
40 GB 200 GB 5 4 1 $29.95
300 GB 3000 GB 5 5 5 $4.95
300 GB 3000 GB 5 5 4 $5.77
250 GB 2500 GB 4 4 4 $6.95
300 GB 3000 GB 4 4 4 $5.95
300 GB 3000 GB 4 4 3 $7.95
300 GB 3000 GB 5 5 4 $4.95


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IX Web Hosting

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1. HostMonster Review

HostMonster is one of the best web hosting services available. They offer many free services that other companies fail to give their customers, but they are not trying to distract their customers with freebies while they provide poor services. Host Monster gives their customers enough disc space, speed, customer service options, reliability, and free services to serve almost anyone’s web hosting needs.

HostMonster only charges $4.95 per month. Not only is this rate extremely inexpensive, but it also includes setup and domain registration for life. HostMonster provides their customers with 300GB of disc storage space and 3000 GB bandwidth. This gives most people the space and speed that they need to host many of their web sites. HostMonster also allows unlimited add-on domains and sub domains.

HostMonster’s low price is not an indication of poor customer service or unreliability. They have live customer support via phone and email 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They also have a FAQ that anticipates many customers’ questions and a tutorial section that can walk you through setup. You can also see HostMonster’s commitment to excellence in the reliability of their service. They have state-of-the-art equipment that monitors the servers 24 hours a day and mirror servers that back up all information so that nothing will be lost if a piece of equipment malfunctions.

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2. IX Web Hosting Review

If there is any web hosting company nipping at the heels of HostMonster, it is IX Web Hosting. IX Web Hosting offers many of the same services that HostMonster has, and they do it just as inexpensively. For only $4.95 per month, customers receive 300 GB of disk space and 3000 GB bandwidth that ensures that most people will have enough space and speed for their web sites. Internet users that are inexperienced at web site design will be happy to see that there are hundreds of professional templates that they can choose from when they are setting up their sites. IX Web Hosting also gives their customers free setup and free domain registration.

One of the aspects of IX Web Hosting that sets them apart from many other companies, besides the inexpensive rate and free services, is that they have their own data center located in Hopkinsville, KY. They keep over 750 servers at this data center. This gives IX Web Hosting the ability to manage their servers efficiently and easily. If a server malfunctions, they do not need to make a phone call to another state to investigate the problem. Instead, they have all of their servers on site. IX Web Hosting also has an anytime money back guarantee that gives customers more peace-of-mind than just about any other guarantee that is available.

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3. PowWeb Hosting Review

While PowWeb Hosting might not be quite as great as some web hosting companies, they certainly set themselves apart from the pack. PowWeb Hosting owns all of the equipment that they use for web hosting. This includes the servers, network, and even the software. The owners of PowWeb hired in-house programmers to develop their own software that is built to address the concerns of their customers. One of the advantages of using a company that has its own software is that PowWeb Hosting does not have to wait on another company to design improved software when new developments are needed. Instead, they PowWeb provides their customers with updates that give them the best options for building and hosting web sites.

PowWeb Hosting does this at a very low price. For only $5.77 per month, they offer 300 GB of disk space and 3000 GB bandwidth. This includes free setup and free domain name registration. They also offer their customers 24 hour support seven days a week so that any of their questions can be answered as quickly as possible. This great customer service, large amounts of space, and the fact that they own their own programs make PowWeb one of the best web hosting companies around.

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4. BlueHost Review

BlueHost has been offering their clients web hosting capabilities since 1996. Today they host over 300,000 different sites. Their services are extremely reliable, especially for the price the price. Their basic web hosting service costs $6.95 a month, which includes free domain registration, a rather robust web builder, and free setup. Most people will not run out of space with their BlueHost account, as they are given 300 GB of disk storage. BlueHost also gives you the ability to host an unlimited number of domains at no extra charge.

Theses are the attributes that many people look for in a web server service today, however, people also need to know that the service is reliable. BlueHost monitors their High Performance Xeon Servers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you can be certain that any issues will be addressed immediately. BlueHost also has mirrored storage backups. These backups can prevent information loss due to equipment failure, so you will not lose your web site if the server malfunctions. BlueHost is always available to answer your questions, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They have a toll-free number that is answered 24/7, online chat, email response, and several FAQs and help guides and an online trouble ticket system that helps ensure that all of your questions are answered quickly.

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5. Dot5 Hosting Review

Dot5 Hosting might not be the best web hosting company for someone that runs several large web sites, but it is a great company for someone that wants enough space to maintain average size web sites at a reasonable price. One of the immediate appeals of Dot5 Hosting is the price. At only $5.95 per month it is difficult to beat. When you sign up for the service you also get free domain registration and setup. These free extras can save you quite a bit of money if you plan on keeping your web sites for many years.

Dot5 Hosting might be inexpensive, but that is not a reflection of poor service. Dot5 Hosting has a 99.9 percent server uptime, so you can be certain that you and your customers have access to your web site at almost any time. The reliability of their servers can also be established by recognizing that they are located in California, where they are linked to seven different Internet backbones. Dot5 Hosting also has 24 hour customer service via phone and online chat seven days a week.

Some people that need space for several web sites might not be interested in Dot5 Hosting because they do not give their customers free unlimited domains and sub domains. This can be a burden for some people, but most will never notice since they are allowed up to seven domains per account.

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6. iPowerWeb Hosting Review

iPowerWeb Hosting offers many of the same services as the top web hosting companies, and they do so at a competitive price. Customers can decide to use iPowerWeb Hosting for domain name registration, which costs $6.50, but they can get domain registration for free when they sign up for monthly hosting services. Basic service starts at $7.95 per month, but there are no set up fees or hidden charges when you sign up for 12 months or more of service. This basic service includes 300 GB or disc space and 3000 GB bandwidth. This is competitive with even the absolute best web hosting companies. Unfortunately, though, only your first domain name registration is free. iPowerWeb Hosting will allow you to use up to 25 domains on each account, and they allow unlimited sub domains, but you will need to pay to have all but the first domain registered.

There are other services that make iPowerWeb Hosting stand out from most of the other companies. One of the free extras that comes with an iPowerWeb Hosting account is free advertising money for Google and Yahoo. This free advertising money can be very beneficial for someone that is just starting an ecommerce site and does not have much money to invest.

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iPowerWeb Hosting Official Site

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7. AN Hosting Review

AN Hosting is an inexpensive company that offers many web hosting services. This company offers a good value, but not the best. They also offer good services, but, again, not the best. AN Hosting is a well rounded company that will give most types of customers the services they need at a fair, affordable price.

The basic cost for AN Hosting is $6.95 per month. This is much cheaper than some companies, but a couple dollars more expensive than others. It is helpful that AN Hosting does not charge any setup fees and that domain name registration is also free. This makes the initial cost of starting a web site much lower than when using companies that charge for these services.

AN Hosting has services that will keep most customers happy. They allow up to 19 domain name add-ons, have a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee, and offer a 30-day money back guarantee. AN Hosting even gives their customers the opportunity to add an extra ten domain names to their account for the small fee of $3.00. 24 hour customer support also makes AN Hosting an excellent decision for most people that are looking for web hosting, but most good companies offer this service.

What immediately catches the eye about AN Hosting is that they offer their customers free advertising credit on Yahoo and Google. This could be very beneficial for someone that is just starting an ecommerce site and does not have much money to spend on advertising.

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8. HostGator Review

HostGator may not offer as many frills as several of their top competitors, but when compared to the thousands of web hosting companies which exist, they are still one of the best. While HostGator will offer great services such as 24 hour customer support, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee, they are lacking in several key web hosting features, such as the amount of space they give their customers, the monthly fee, and the lack of free services that are offered to customers.

HostGator costs $9.95 per month, which might lead many people to think that they offer more disk storage than some of the other companies reviewed here. But Host Gator does not offer more. In fact, they have less. While companies like BlueHost and HostMonster give their customers 300 GB of disk storage and 3000 GB bandwidth, Host Gator only offers their customers 50 GB of disk storage and 200 GB bandwidth. Host Gator also charges their customers $15 for domain registration. Many companies give their customers this service for free. While Host Gator does offer their clients good customer service and reliability, they could offer them extra disk space, speed, and free services. Many other web hosting companies do, and for less money.

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HostGator Official Site

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9. ServerPronto Review

ServerPronto says that they offer their customers the best service rates in the business, but this is not exactly true. They also say that their services are perfect for anyone regardless of whether they need web hosting services for business or for tinkering. This is also not exactly true. What ServerPronto does offer is excellent web hosting services, but their customers pay for it. The least expensive plan that they have costs $29.95. This unfortunately is not inclusive of setup. Setup will cost an additional $69. These prices are much higher than many of their competitors, which begs the question, do you get what you pay for?

ServerPronto might not be perfect for someone that just needs a server to host a personal web site, but it might be a good choice for someone that has a very large web site. There starter package comes with 40 GB of disc space. The majority of hosted websites would never fill this amount of space. If, however, you need a company to host a large web site or several domain names, then you might want to consider using a company like ServerPronto that you know has plenty of experience serving customers with needs that are similar to yours. ServerPronto has a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee, so you know that they are able to manage their servers efficiently.

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ServerPronto Official Site

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10. Dotster Review

While Dotster does have several features to offer their customers, they do not seem to offer the high caliber of service, at the inexpensive rates which many other companies provide. The most basic hosting package costs $5.25 per month. This is very inexpensive, but customers are left desired more for their money. This package only comes with 5 GB of disc space and 250 GB of bandwidth. Compared to other companies, that can offer nearly six times as much space and bandwidth at the same price, this is not a very good deal. Just because Dotster is not the best company does not mean that it is the worst either. There are many companies which charge much more money, and fail to give the same level of customer service as Dotster.

While Dotster may not be able to give some people enough space to run their web sites, the fact is, many people do not need more than 5 GB of space. Nor do they require several domain names and sub domains. Many people just need a bare bones web hosting service that can give them enough server space for their personal sites at an affordable rate. If this is what you are looking for, then Dotster might be a reasonable choice for you. You might be able to find more from another company, but if you are never going to use it, you may have little to gain.

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