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Google AdWords VS Yahoo Ad

Google AdWords VS Yahoo Ad

Going beyond just creating a web site and placing it out on the Internet for potential customers or clients to happen upon it, advertising one’s service or product is a major part of creating an online web presence. Fortunately, there are several companies available on the Internet that specialize in helping web site owners advertise and get the word out with respect to their online business site. Among the many advertising businesses to choose from, Yahoo! Advertising and Google AdWords stand out. Which company will work best for one’s online business depends on several factors – budget, ease of use, and audience reach.

Yahoo! Advertising

Yahoo! Advertising gives its advertisers custom solutions to choose from that allow for brand building and response drives.

The more popular solution is the company’s sponsored search solution. This program allows advertisers to control the overall marketing cost by setting a daily budget. Advertisers can also set the amount they wish to pay each time an advertisement is clicked and payments are only made for those ads clicked upon. Additionally, advertisers can stop specific ads and completely close out their advertising account at any time, no questions asked.

The Yahoo sponsored search solution has a reach of over 2.3 billion potential clients and customers. To even further narrow an advertising customer base, advertisers can utilize the company’s geo-targeting feature – allowing for very specifically targeted marketing. Created ads can also be rotated to see which message garners the most traffic. In-depth reporting is part of the program and offers the ability for advertisers to see results in real-time.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords allows advertisers the ability to choose keywords related to their business or service and create ads based on these selections.

Just like its counterpart, Google AdWords allows for setting a specified budget and advertisers only pay for actual clicks on their ads rather than any set daily or monthly amount. Advertisements can be placed on hold or removed entirely when it is found that some ads are garnering more traffic and customers than other ads.

As one of the most used search engines, Google AdWords can offer an extremely large base of potential customers. For local businesses wishing to target a more specialized and specific audience, Google AdWords offers the ability to narrow advertising regions to a particular region, state or even city. Customers can be targeted to within 20 miles of a business’ front door. Additionally, ads can be set to show a business’ location when searchers are seeking data within and Google Maps.


Yahoo Sponsored Search and Google AdWords offer a wide range of advertising services that will fit any small business’ budget. With worldwide and region-specific advertising, potential advertisers are sure to reach the exact audience they are targeting. When comparing the two, Google AdWords comes out slightly ahead due to its popularity as a search engine. To reach a much larger potential client or customer base, the winner in this comparison is Google AdWords.

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