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Google AdWords VS Miva Ad

Google AdWords VS Miva Ad

After placing a business web site online, one of the most important things an online business owner can do is research and choose an online advertising solution. Simply placing a web site online will not guarantee customers nor the target audience one might expect for the services or products offered. By utilizing a good online advertising company’s program, the number of potential customers or clients can be significantly increased. Of the many solutions offered online, both Google and Miva offer some good programs – specifically Google AdWords and Miva Advertising.

Miva Advertising

Miva Advertising purports to connect millions of potential clients and customers to online buyers through their advertising network by using highly targeted text advertising. These text advertisements are placed on thousands of Miva-driven web sites that range in topics from portals to niche-specific content oriented web sites.

The Miva advertising program has the potential to server over 700 million web search queries on a daily basis and delivers well over 120 million advertising clicks each month. With five simple steps, advertisers can get their message out quickly and easily. Budgeting can be created by setting a maximum bid price as well as a daily budget limit. Users of this program can also input their own bulk keywords or have keywords hand selected by suggestions given by the Miva keyword suggestion tool. Geo-targeting allows advertisers to pinpoint their audience down to the state and city they wish to target and advertising campaigns can be day-parted as well – both of these tools allow for zeroing in on the exact target audience desired by the advertiser.

All new advertising clients with Miva advertising receive a $25 credit toward advertisements to help them on their way. This free ad credit is only available to new US accounts opened with an initial deposit of at least $25.

Google AdWords

Advertisers using Google AdWords can potentially reach one of the largest audiences around as the service harnesses the power of both the most popular search engine online as well as a mapping service.

Google AdWords advertisers can either opt to input their own keywords and phrases or utilize the program’s keyword ideas generator. Each time a potential customer or client uses the Google search engine using any of the selected keywords, the advertiser’s created ad will show next to the search results. Interested parties can click on the targeted advertisement to either purchase the service or product being offered or to learn more about the advertiser’s business. Potential advertisers with the Google AdWords program do not even have to have their own web site as Google can provide a web page absolutely free. Specific and geographical targeting is possible with this program as well as the ability to budget on a daily and per click basis.

It is completely free to join Google AdWords and advertisers only pay for ads that are clicked upon and nothing more.


Google AdWords and Miva Advertising offer geographical and specified audience targeting. Both programs also allow for budgeting and are easy to join. If one is looking for a bit extra in the monetary department, Miva Advertising is the clear choice. However, Google AdWords has a potentially larger audience it reaches due to the Google search engine being one of the most popular and far-reaching search engines around. If a larger potential audience is a concern, then it would be wise to sign up with Google AdWords.

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